Monday, February 6, 2012

In the middle

Well hello there. Want to hear about MY weekend? Thought you did.

Friday night I made a startling discovery. I had a *lovely*, itchy, red little rash thingy near my right armpit. I thought to myself "hmmm, probably a heat rash from my bra or something." So Saturday rolls around and it is still there. I put some lotion stuff on and the itching stops. I commend myself on being an awesome mom/doctor.

Cut to Sunday, we go to church so hubby can get set apart for his new calling (assistant scout guy or something- don't judge me for not paying attention until you read this whole post) and I can't even make it through all of sacrament meeting before I start wringing my hands to prevent myself from scratching. I leave 20 minutes early to sit in the car and try NOT to scratch.

THEN. Today, we went to the podiatrist for hubby to have his bunion looked at. We set a date for a pre-op appointment AND schedule surgery for the removal of said bunion. I decide I can't take it anymore and on our way home we stop at Urgent Care. The doctor comes in and asks me if I have switched any of my lotion, soaps, detergents etc. NOPE. I get to put on a robe for him to check out my rash thing. He glances at it and says

"THAT'S CHICKEN POX. Well, actually, you are too old for chicken pox and technically too young for shingles. But that's what that is. That was easy!"

Me: WHAT?! No. Are you sure?!

DR: Oh yes. It's one of the easiest things to diagnose! I will go get you some prescriptions while you get dressed.

ME: ummm. ok

DR: Ok, I am giving you 3 prescriptions. The first is a steroid. The second is an anti-viral medication and this third one is for the pain.

ME: ok thanks!

I leave the office and we are on our way home discussing what oatmeal things I should buy to help prevent my itching. Then I take a look at the actual prescriptions he wrote out for me. My pain medicine..... VICODIN. I am getting Vicodin to help control the pain that is associated with chickenpox/shingles. Oh my gosh. Seriously?! This is what I have to look forward to for the next 14 days while I take my meds?! Craptastic. See you all in a few days when I am high on Vicodin and NOT itching like some drug addict. *crosses fingers*

p.s. Do you know how awkward it is to be itchy right under your armpit?! Think it over. Also, let's put a positive spin on things, IF my kids catch it at least we will have it out of the way right?!


  1. Doh! Sorry about the pox. Don't get allergic to Vicodin like I did :D

    1. oh no!! Vicodin could make for some really interesting posts:) Hope you get better soon girl,