Sunday, January 29, 2012

When all else fails, copy my sister

SO. My sister Caroline does this lovely little funny thing on her blog occasionally. I have told her how funny it is to me and often wished my children would do something that I could draw stick figure animation to re-enact. Because let's face it. Stick figures remind us of passing notes and that was almost always a hoot. WELL. The other night IT happened. IT. My children BOTH participated in a funny that deserves a stick figure animation. Without further delay I give you "THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED"

Basically, the other night Clay woke up SCREAMING. Hubby went in to see what the problem was. There was nothing physically wrong with the babe. Not a thing. BUT, you wanna know what woke him up? There was a CURTIS under his bed. Poor guy. Curtis tends to move around a lot in his sleep and wound up under Clay's crib and startled him. BEST DISCOVERY EVER. 

the. end. 


  1. Now that's funny....unless your Clay...then not so much. High 5 to Curtis...he's learning how to be a big brother~ps ♥ the stick figs!

  2. Aww what cuties! Your boys are darling. Thanks for your comment about natural vs. epidural! I'm seriously feeling 50/50 right now. I love the drugs easing pain too- but I'm just so curious about the other route! I dunno... after reading more about it maybe I'll feel more strongly to go drug free! (Right now I'm just nervous about it!)