Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter...

So we have been in Co for over 2 months now. It has snowed lots and let me tell you, my boys LOVE it. Whenever it snows we HAVE to go outside so they can see the snow flakes falling. It is the cutest thing ever. I love those boys.

We have been doing so good here! We love living on base and our new ward family and military family are so nice. We have several neighbors who we have made friends with and we love it. It's so fun to see the different mix here. We have members from all military branches so it's especially nice.

Joshua is really enjoying having a *real* winter! He has tried to make an igloo a couple of different times and is loving this cold, thin mountain air.

Curtis and Clay are doing awesome as well! They both got really bad ear infections right when we got here and are just getting over a terrible bug but they are such little troopers. Clay is getting ready to walk which is just crazy to think about. He is also quite the talker and has taught Curtis how to make a few new sounds! He makes such a good speech therapist! Ha ha. Curtis got to take a very big boy step recently. For Christmas we had been talking about getting him a "big boy bed" and were trying to decide if we thought he would do ok. Then out of nowhere someone near us was selling one and it was too good a deal to pass up. So Curtis is now sleeping happily in his toddler bed. He loves being able to climb in and out. He also is loving sharing a room with Clay! We decided to try it out and both boys are so much happier in the morning knowing a brother is nearby to entertain!

We got to have our first house guests when my parents came to visit! It was such a blast. It snowed while they were here, but we had so much fun visiting them. I think that Curtie and Clay especially enjoyed seeing their GramE and GrandDad considering we lived with them this time last year. It was so wonderful to have them with us and we already miss them lots. Don't worry! We are planning a trip home to visit! We can't wait!

As for me, something VERY exciting happened last week! I broke my first bone! Ha ha ha! Anyone who knows me will know that this is very long overdue considering how klutzy I can be. I fell down the stairs after putting the boys down for nap time. I literally skipped 1 stinking step and landed just write so that I broke a bone. I have an appointment with an Orthopedist this week to hear about if I will need a cast or surgery or just to keep my temporary boot on. Hopefully we can just stick to the boot! Ha ha ha! Me breaking my foot is also part of the reason we have to postpone a trip back home because I can't really drive with my right foot broken!

We love CO and our new friends and ward so much. We feel so blessed to be so close to our family. We can't wait for Spring to come so we can have some more outdoor adventures!


  1. time for pictures!! Curtis in his big boy bed, Clay walking and you with your stylish big boot!!

  2. we want to visit soon!!! count on us being up there sometime in the near future!

  3. was sounding like everything is going well 'till the second to last paragraph:( so sorry about you broken bone! gotta be hard with 2 little ones to chase after. Prayers my friend.

    other than that I am glad to hear you all are adjusting well:)