Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was our best yet. The whole family got our very first White Christmas. It was beautiful. The boys got spoiled rotten by all the grandparents. They are definitely in the stage where the wrapping paper is the main event but we fully intend to properly use all our toys, books and stuffed animals in the next year.

Here is Curtis opening his first Christmas present! He was pretty excited.

Curtis and Clay staring in awe at the fancy new toy they got. It lights up AND makes sounds.

See this boy?! See that sneaky look on his face?! He is such a ninja lately. Very sneaky and quiet and stealthy. I just had to post his sneaky face. I think it's awesome.

Here is Curtis again. Let me tell you, although he greatly appreciates all the toys he has been favoring the gift Mr. and Mrs. Clause got him the most. His VERY OWN CHAIR. And his brother got his own too. They both feel very grown up sitting down in a chair to watch cartoons. Love it.

And of course we have ole' blue eyes here, Mr. Clay Babe himself. He just wanted what was in his hands and for everyone to leave him alone. Unless there was candy involved. Then you can be best friends. I can hardly believe he will be 1 in just a couple of weeks! Crazy!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, now we are getting ready for New Year's! Woohoo!

oh, and i finally found the cable for my camera and computer to hookup. Beware there is a picture overload on its way!


  1. Thanks for the pics of your cute kiddos!! Where has the time gone?

  2. Yay pics! SO cute. They are so big and adorable. BTW, Clay looks JUST like you. Good job on that one.