Thursday, January 5, 2012

Irony at its finest, or something like that.

So about a month ago I broke my foot. Yep. Falling down the stairs. And not all the way down the stairs. NOOOOO. Just the last one. I misplaced my foot and *snap* broken foot. Anyway, today I went back to the orthopedist for my follow-up to see how things were healing.

Now, before I go any further here is a little (giant) back story so you will see the comedy in this.

In elementary school and junior high I was a SHRIMP. Like, skin and bones. And I remember a few of my friends were curvy and some were plain overweight. No big deal. BUT my favorite thing was when these bigger girls would tell me that they weighed more than me because they had BIG BONES. OK?! Got that? Big bones, not the 4 slices of pizza they ate at lunch.

Back to present day. Today Dr. Robert had 3 x-rays taken of my foot. Then when he was looking at them he made the greatest remark.

"Bee, this break is already healed. You still need to take it easy and no running for another month but feel free to wear tennis shoes on BOTH feet now. You have BIG, STRONG, HEALTHY BONES."

So, to all you girls out there who used that excuse on me..... I say HAH!

*p.s. The doctor also mentioned that I must be awesome at falling to break such awesome bones. Can I sign up for a coordination transplant now?!

The End.

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