Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spoiled but confused...I

So we got a "new" computer. It's a Mac. And let me tell you. I am so grateful for this blessing but I have NO idea how to use it when it comes to certain things. Pathetic, I know. Oh AND I lost the cords to my camera to upload any pics since my SD card seems to not fit in this new thing.

Anyway, my little family made it safely to CO. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous until 2 weekends ago when the HIGH was 39*. Ewwww. Needless to say lots of soup and hot chocolate was consumed. Our new ward is great so far. We meet new people every week and since we got here 4 other families moved in as well!

The boys are loving that they can play outside without sweating, in fact, they actually have to wear long sleeves and pants. But it's fine with them! A lot of our neighbors have younger kids so it's really awesome to have friends nearby.

Hubby is still sitting around doing paperwork (his words, not mine) and being bored out of his mind. He love it here though. We go on walks and spend lots of time outside.

I love it here too. I don't necessarily like when the low for the evening is 32* but I'm getting more used to it I guess. Ha ha ha. I miss AZ very much though and when I get really homesick we end up eating Mexican food. It makes everything much better. We are all making new friends and really enjoying everything CO has to offer! We really like living on base and being close to so many people.

well that is it for now. Pictures will be coming as soon as I can find my stupid cords!! Hooray!!


  1. Berit! I love you! and I'm sad my stupid homework destroyed our plans to get together one last time. Email me your address and I'll send you warm things :D

  2. Glad you are finally reunited with your hubby! Must be soo nice :) AND you have cuddling weather!