Monday, August 29, 2011

Long time comin'...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so excited. After more than 10 months apart, hubby's homecoming is just around the corner. It is crazy how slow it has gone by, but, also how quickly!! We are counting down the days to when we get to be reunited and also how many days until we move!! We will only be going to our ward for 3 more sundays. Weird. Guess what else? We will be going from 110+ degree weather during the day to an average HIGH of 90!! And a LOW in the mid-to-low 60's. Oh wow! I can't wait.
In other news the boys had some big milestones this week...
*Curtie turned 2 (but he has a whole post coming dedicated just to him)
*He figured out that he can climb on almost every piece of furniture in this house (scary thought)
*Finally realized that he can go down the stairs the right way= turn around and down. Much better than before when he would go down face first on his belly
*Clay has mastered his hand/knee crawl
*He has sprouted 2 new teeth on his top gums
*He pulled himself up to stand - this freaks me out since he is still so wobbly. And young.
That's about it for us!! More excitement to come...

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