Thursday, August 18, 2011

I would NEVER have paid for THAT...

Can I just say how glad I am to have insurance? Because I am. I know I am blessed to have it. With that said I would like to recommend that the money that my insurance company will pay to the doctor I saw 2 days ago, instead be given to ME. Why, might you ask...? I'll tell you:
A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bump on my left forearm just right before where my hand is connected to my forearm. I didn't know what it was, so, me being the weirdo I am decided I would see if it was a pimple and try to squeeze and pop it. Nope. Not that. So then I decided to see if it would rip off if I tugged on it. Blame this on the fact that deep down I am actually still 9 years old. Duh. Still didn't work. So I called my best friend of over 20+ years to come over during nap time so I could go to the doctor to see if THEY could remove it or at least tell me what it is. I honestly thought it was a skin tag or something. Turns out... it's a WART.
No big deal. So I ask the nice doctor if they can remove it. She tells me: No. We don't have to cryogenic stuff to do it here. But you can buy it over the counter at most pharmacies. *say whaaaaaat?* So not only is my insurance going to pay her for my "medical exam" but I have to fork out money to get rid of this thing myself? I almost asked if I could borrow a scalpel. But, alas, I did not. Instead I hightailed it right to the closest store and bought a DIY freeze-you-wart thing AND in case that didn't work I also got a liquid application to put on. It's totally not a big deal. Like at all. But I honestly think that instead of the insurance company paying Dr. Get-out-of-doing-my-job-because-we-don't-conveniently-have-the-right-tools, to do NOTHING that I should get whatever amount of money that they send to her for her "diagnosis". Seriously people. When I checked out I didn't even get any papers or ANYTHING.
So here I sit typing this staring at the ugly almost-hopefullydeaderthanitwas-wart that is left wondering why I am enduring the stupid task of wart removal.
the. end.


  1. ive never had warts but for some reason two of my girls got them this past May....we had to use over the coutner removal too...grrr just freeze the darn thing off like they used to right?

  2. Really? I have gone to the Dr 6+ times for warts and they freeze them for me. I do the small ones myself with the liquid. That's weird that he told you to do it yourself!