Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog doors...?

So as many of my readers will know, kids will be kids. DUH. It's a fact of life. But without a theme song. Anyway, Curtis has been using the dog door as his portal from the family room to the backyard. Mainly because, I am a stingy mom who refuses to open the back door unless a big person goes outside(it is HOT outside and it costs money to run that AC. Let's not be wasting it). If you can fit through the dog door then mad props to you and I encourage you to do it. This was no big deal because Clay was still just chilling and getting used to belly crawling around, until... *dun dun dun* he noticed that he can FOLLOW PEOPLES AROUND. Big peoples. He will follow me to the kitchen and the living room AND the laundry room. No biggie. But THEN he noticed that Curtis is kind of a big peoples and he will follow HIM around. Well, Curtis being obsessed with the dogs, spends a LOT of his day by the dog door. If the dogs go out, so does he. And he usually won't come back in until both dogs are inside. Well on Saturday Clay decided to check out the dog door with Curtis (or is being trained by Curtis on how to be a scout and lookout for the dogs and or mommy) and this is the end result. Adorable. Now let's just hope Clay doesn't attempt to go THROUGH the dog door until he's more aware about depth perception and all. Otherwise I predict an EPIC FAIL in his near future.


  1. That's so cute! I love the things kids think up!

  2. Hahaha! Isn't it great having 2? HEY! Curtis is walking in that pic! Awesome

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