Saturday, August 6, 2011

*awkward conversation*

One of the grocery stores nearby does this wonderful thing called "Donut Day" on Fridays. It's basically an incentive to have people buy THEIR donuts because if you buy a dozen you get 6 free. Woohoo. Anyway, in case you didn't know I have 2 babies. So some stores are easier for me to just bring my stroller to (plus Curtis FAILED shopping carts- but that's another story) carry the boys around. So we walk up to the beautiful glass case where all the donuts are and start picking out our treats (don't worry- I freeze most of the donuts- I don't eat all 18 by myself) and we finally finish. The donut lady asks if we want to pay with her there and I say yes so we can just be on our way when, she finally LOOKS at the boys. The following conversation occurs:

Donut Lady (DL): OH! How cute! Are they twins?!

Me: No. This one *points to Curtis* will actually be 2 later this month. He does have Down syndrome though. He grows slower and so they are around the same size. This one *point to Clay* is only 6 months old.

DL: Oh NO! *gasps in shock or something- I don't know* Are you worried that your youngest one is going to catch it?

Me: ummmm. No. It's genetic.

DL: Oh. So the little one might not catch it until he's older then?

Me: ***looooong awkward pause while I stared at her*** ummmm. No. It's genetic. It's in his blood. There is no way the other one could "catch it".

DL: Oh. Ok. So did you pass it to him? Are your other children going to have it?

ME:***loooooooonger awkward pause*** Actually no. For women MY AGE, about every 1 in 750 births will result with the child having Down syndrome. It's a genetic fluke.

DL: hmmm. *looks thoughtful* Well here's your donuts! Have a good weekend!

Me: .....? Ok. Thanks.

Ba ha ha. I laughed really hard about this. Seriously. I know genetics don't make much sense sometimes, especially to those who don't visit an actual Geneticist Dr. twice a year but obviously this woman didn't pay attention in 8th grade science.


  1. Lol... I wonder if that lady is related to my father-in-law. When we first started telling him about Down syndrome, he'd be like "so will this autism cause him to not talk?" (I'm sure some people with autism have a problem with language, but Dylan has Down syndrome.) ....pause... "So what all will this autism affect?" *facepalm*

  2. So, at least you know why she works in a donut shop....

  3. i love your friend laura's comment:) ha ha- very true statement.

  4. I will forever be amazed at people's ignorance of down syndrome. Even my husband asked if I could go on bed rest to help our baby's down syndrome to go away. ; )


  5. hysterical! next time tell her to be careful just in case the plain donuts will "catch" the chocolate frosting if put too close together in the case.

  6. ...good grief! You are a good sport, I probably would have said something ridiculously rude to her.

  7. I don't know why some people are allowed to go out, let alone work in public. *smiles, shakes head*.