Sunday, August 7, 2011

Say whaaaaaaat?!

Can I just say how much I loved everyones comments on my last post? Seriously. I cracked up. I really must tell you that when people ask questions to me about Ds it never occurs to me to take offense. Instead I MARVEL at the things people say. Honestly, in the almost 2 years since I've had Curtis a majority of these questions have never flitted across my mind. That could be because I have medical professionals left and right who tell me all about Ds, but, I like to think it's due to the fact that I have a little thing called common sense. With that said, I am going to start blog documenting my all-time favorite nuggets that people have said to me regarding my children.
Here's a prime example:

**back story** I have a beautiful wedding band. However, it has not fit due to my silly self getting it sized SMALLER before I was pregnant with Clay. So, I rarely wear it. Most people who know me or my kids though, KNOW THAT I AM MARRIED. My hubby has been gone a little over 9 months for military training which means that I cart my kids around primarily by my lonesome self. No big deal.... OR SO I THOUGHT

**side back story** I have been attending my current ward (church meeting for those readers who are not LDS) for 2 and a half years. Since moving back in with my parents (so I am not alone with my babes all the time) I occasionally attend THEIR ward meeting when said babes prevent me from getting ready in time to drive the 15 minutes to my building. No big deal... WRONG.

***real story (finally)***

A few weeks back I was attending my home ward. Lots of people know me, and I know them! But sometimes I forget peoples names. And sometimes I just don't recognize people because, with 2 babies it's difficult to stay for all 3 hours. Whatever. Anyway, on with the story, I was sitting in the foyer holding Clay while Curtis ran around like a zoo animal who had finally been set free. Curtis wears himself out and comes back over to the chair I'm sitting in and wants a cuddle. I pick him up. I do this all the time. It's no problem for me to keep an extra 40+ pounds of cuteness in my lap, I quite enjoy it! Well, an older woman (probably in her late 50's, so not OLD, just oldER than me) walked by on her way out the doors with an elderly woman. She looked over at me and smiled so I returned her smile. 10 minutes later she walks back in and goes past me back to the chapel. I continue cuddling my studs. She walks BACK out 5 minutes later and stands in front of me and stops. The following conversation occurs:

Church Lady (CL): Your boys are cute!

Me: Thanks. I think so too. Good thing that their past their return dates! (I inwardly laugh at my awesome spur of the moment joke)

CL: **looks me over before saying anything. Like, specifically looks at my left ring finger which is currently bare** So, are you new in the ward?

Me:**raise my eyebrows** ummm no. I've been here for over 2 years.

CL:**stares at me up and down** Well I don't think I've met you! My name is blah blah blah ( I don't remember what she said)

Me: Oh hi. I'm so and so (protecting my identity on the blog. I gave her my real name. Don't worry). And these are my sons Curtis and Clay.

CL: Well they look very nice. **she stops talking abruptly as if she was going to say something inappropriate and/or rude but then not only remembered her manners but also that she is in the Lord's house** Are you here with anyone?

Me: Umm. Do my babies count?! Ha ha ha. (I'm hilarious. Can you tell?) No, my husband isn't here at the moment and won't be able to come to church with us for a few more months till he gets home.

CL: **flash of surprise, then possible shock followed closely by embarrassment** Oh? You have a husband? Where is he?

Me: In Texas for training. He's in the military.

CL: **HUGE LOOK OF RELIEF** OOOOOH! Well how wonderful of him to serve the country and of you to take care of your boys by yourself.

Me: hmmm. Thanks. Well I need to go clean some spit up off of myself. But it was great meeting you! Have a good day!

Let me tell you, it was hilarious to see this woman's face. She was obviously under the impression that I was a single mom with 2 little babies. And then when I told her that hubby was away I think that she thought that I was trying to discreetly say he might be in prison or something. AWESOME. I have plenty more where that little jewel of a story came from so don't worry. You shall be thoroughly entertained.

And this is what they were wearing that day. Because matching prevents short people from getting lost AND lets people know that we're together.


  1. Love the matching outfits :)

  2. LOL!! you better tell me who said that... so funny-

  3. ha ha that is great. I haven't worn my ring for awhile during this pregnancy and checking out at a store I was asked if I have ever heard of condoms. Then a Well I hope they are all at least from the same father. I relied well yes from my husband to be exact.

  4. I'm secretly making a list of who I think said that. I'll have to run some names by you sometime. I think I might have it figured out!! You crack me up.....hilarious I say, hilarious!