Friday, July 15, 2011

3 and counting....

Today I have been married for 3 years! Sometimes it seems like a lot longer and other times it feels brand new. I am so grateful to have the life I do and my children and my marriage and my husband. So for our anniversary I'm giving a brief synopsis of our first 3 years together... ENJOY.

This was 3 years ago today at about this same time. And let me tell ya. Gettin' married in July in AZ is brutal. I think we were only laughing because of the sheer ridiculousness of ourselves in the summer heat! Our first year of marriage involved a cross country move during HURRICANE season, a new car, a wonderful ward that I still attend to this day and many little happy moments.

Our 2nd year of marriage brought us our sweet baby Curtis. He was not what we expected but, so much more. This year brought therapies to go along with our new baby, a bigger apartment, visits to Florida to see some family members and more joy than we ever thought imaginable.

Our 3rd year of marriage brought us a new job courtesy of the U.S. army, moving back in with my parents, having a baby by MYSELF (which means getting a spinal tap ALONE. I do NOT recommend this), and learning to be a family of 4. It has been a bumpy ride but I am so happy and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I love you so much Joshua and am so thankful for the family you've given me! I look forward to all the years to come!!


*****p.s. I have a special announcement! After weeks of knowing I can finally tell you all the good news! We got our first duty station and will be moving to Colorado in September! We could not be more excited or freaked out at spending our first winter in SNOOOOOOOOOW! I would have mentioned this weeks ago when I first found out but we had to hammer out some details! But hooray!!*****


  1. Berit, you are so stinkin cute. Love your update. Congrats to both you and Josh. Where in CO are you headed?

  2. Yeah!!! I just got back from Colorado and loved it!!! For the most I enjoy living where there is snow!! You will have better winters than us, so it will be perfect for you!!! So exciting!! We are about an 8 hr drive from there, so if you ever want to visit NE, let me know!!!

  3. Happy, happy anniversary!!! You sure know how to pack a lot into three years!! Hehe

  4. How fun!! You guys seem to be super busy! Super cute family! Happy (late) anniversary!! Spending winter in actual snow can be fun... just make sure you pack and dress super warm... especially if you're not used to it!!

  5. We loved living in Denver. I think you guys will really like it. And congratulations on three years!