Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I told you there'd be pictures....

I just didn't say what quality they would be. But what they lack in looks from a professional standpoint they more than make up for in cuteness.

Curtis and Cowboy have an understanding. Curtis may pull, pinch, bite, kiss and cuddle Cowboy as much as he wants in exchange for Cowboy getting all of the Goldfish crackers that miss Curtis' mouth during snack time. All in all it is a win-win situation for both parties involved.

This. Is. Awesome. This was Sunday after church and we were watching Music and the Spoken Word when Clay rolled right over to Curtis. As you can tell Curtis has MUCH more important things to do than pay attention to his brother, like watch tv. But it's all good because Clay is having a blast.

These boys are HAMS. I tried to "pose" them and this was the end result. They both look happy and Curtis looks quite determined to escape my feet holding him in place. Heaven forbid they just lay next to each other for funsies.

I just have to say AGAIN how much I LOVE matching clothes. I think they are AWESOME. It makes the boys look more dressed up and people can tell they're both mine since we all match. Ha ha ha!! I did get 4th of July pictures as well but that post is for another day!! Woohoo!! Happy Summer!

p.s. those little boys totally have baby Speedo swimsuit tan lines on their bums. It. ROCKS.


  1. i've got to get cougar a speedo. they are so cute on little boys.
    jaime s.

  2. oh my those are some precious kiddos

  3. Baby speedos? Awesome!! I love matching outfits :) Kinda makes me jealous that you have two boys so close in age.