Sunday, April 3, 2011

making faces.....

So CTR1 has been pulling the most random awesome faces as of late and I captured the MOST totally, incredibly STUPENDOUS baby face. Without further ado I give you....

Blue Steel:

Seriously. I crack up everytime I see this. EVERYTIME. Note the sassy hand on his hip?! Yeah. He was totally lecturing me during his bath. Love it.

CTR2 has discovered the art of smiling! And here is my proof:

He was our "supervisor" while picking up our room last week and let me tell you, that smile totally makes my sleep deprivation worth it. And he knows who we all are now. He will just BEAM at his brother with such adoration it melts your insides! He will give away his smiles pretty freely unless he is not happy with you. I am the victim of this more often than not. Ha ha. But it's ok! Now I just have to train him to smile on command in time for my sister's wedding!

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  1. cutest kids in the whole wide world!! CTR1 totally cracks me up!!