Thursday, March 24, 2011

random ramblings of my life....

So. Remember how I mentioned I was going to start working out? Well I actually did it! And before I did I weighed myself and had my mom take my measurements. With the boys being in the hospital for a week I totally slacked off and have been trying to make up for it. I weighed myself for the 1st time in about 3 weeks and was so SO disappointed to see that I lost ZERO weight. Seriously. Nothing. So then I had my sweet little sister take my measurements and guess what?! I have lost 6 inches so far. Go me! It's definitely hard fitting in exercise time for me with 2 short people taking up most of my day but I'm so happy it is working!! And while I am busy losing the boys are gaining! CTR 1 now weighs 21 pounds! Woohoo! And CTR 2 weighs almost 14. Let me tell ya, CTR 1 doesn't walk. So I have to carry him EVERYWHERE. No big deal. But then on my other arm I have a 14lb baby who is starting to hold his head up very well! In addition to those I have a diaper bag AND a purse. And no. Not all of MY stuff and all of THEIR stuff can fit together. Not unless I wanted to carry around a hefty trash bag instead. And I don't. So added all up I carry about 40 pounds of extra weight with me EVERY time I go somewhere. And when I go running....? I have 35 pounds of kids, 35 pounds of stroller and 3 pounds of carseat to push along. Ha ha ha!! Now I know why just walking I have lost some inches. Also I got a perm and let me tell you. I still haven't mastered combing/brushing through my new curls. BUT with all of that volume it makes up for it so I don't mind. I also have stopped eating ** as much** candy as I normally do. For those of you that personally know me, this is a HUGE deal. Seriously. I used to carry like 4 bags of candy with me at all times. Now I buy those little mini candy bars and put them in the freezer so if I do need something sweet it hurts my sensitive teeth to eat it, therefore preventing me from gorging myself. OOOH! And CTR 2 has started recognizing people!! He knows who his brother is and gives him great big smiles. So cute. And when his GrandDad comes home he knows his voice and will start trying to look for him. It's very impressive. And CTR 1 is catching onto the concept of being soft with his baby brother. He gives him hugs and kisses like there is NO tomorrow. I love it! It is also getting warmer so we will get to learn how to swim in the next few weeks!! hooray for summer on its way!!


  1. Six inches is AMAZING! Good job! And I am so proud of you cutting out a bunch of candy. I DO personally know you and I know what a huge thing that is for you.

    Looking forward to seeing you next week.

  2. Wow babe, I hear ya on the time to exercise thing. I'm kind of sad that I won't really be able to hit it hard before Mary's wedding (i.e., sad that I will be a chubster in the photos!), but I just can't fathom it right now! Still recovering!

    Oh, and the candy? Word... I just bought a HUGE bag of sour patch kids at Walmart!

  3. Good job! For my diet-candy-fix, i LOVE slimfast snack bars...they are pretty darn good...check em out!