Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A for effort.....

So ya know how we were all sickos last week and we are still recovering? WELL. My nose is still regaining its super smell abilities and today it seems like my boys are trying to take advantage of that. We went to Wal-Mart earlier to get some essentials (Goldfish crackers!) and Clay decided to mess his pants there. No big deal but I decided to wait until we got home to change him. Well we get home and he is asleep so Curtis and I decide to eat our lunch. We finish that up and then I let Curtis watch a show while I start putting away our groceries. I walk across the family room to put away some little munchies and crunchies when I pause.... **sniff sniff** hmmm. I decide that Clay must REALLY need a pant change because I can smell him from 2 rooms away. Then I decide that I will change Curtis' pants while I'm at it before nap time. EPIC FAIL. Due to antibiotics and the beans he had for dinner Curtis messed his pants like only a mom would understand. And him being the sweet darling that he is **insert sarcastic tone here** decided to reach down and attempt to help clean up. I love my boys but I swear they are out to get me... scheduling bodily functions at the same time is just mean.

The end.

p.s. I LOVE NAP TIME. And clean diaper pants


  1. ohhhh wow I can't wait for those days. Maybe girls are differnt!? Cross your fingers for me! haha

  2. Keep getting better! Drink lots of juice!