Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's just clear a few things up...

I don't take kindly to people who critique my parenting skills/abilities. Case in point:

You have or had 2 small children close in age to my own. Congratulations. Guess what though? Unless you have a child with special needs I don't need you telling me what you can do and how you do everything and how I must not be very good at multi-tasking or parenting in general if I can't do the same things you do. Because WE ARE IN DIFFERENT SITUATIONS. I don't have a husband that comes home after work to help me with our daily routines. He's in the military, in TX, training and we won't be able to get back together again until probably September. I have 2 babies still in diapers and still taking bottles. I do therapy with Curtis for 15 minutes at least every 2 hours. I feed Clay every 3 hours. We have 3 hours of therapy a week! Then we have the doctor's appointments. Most kids go to the doctor occasionally for well visits or only if they're sick. We visit the doctor a LOT more than that. I'm lucky if it's every other week. Eye doctors, ENT doctors for Curtis' tubes, pediatric cardiologists for his heart and so on. I don't have the luxury to just hop on a plane BY MYSELF with 2 BABIES to go see Josh. I'd have to buy a totally separate plane ticket for my almost-toddler. Curtis has a heart condition which makes car rides difficult enough and I can't imagine taking him on a plane alone. I can not and will not drive what is supposed to be only 12 hours to see Josh because it would turn into an 18 hour drive. BY MYSELF. I load and unload my kids from their car seats BY MYSELF. Curtis still doesn't walk which means I get to carry around 50+ pounds of children and their essentials. Curtis doesn't know how to communicate like other almost 2 year olds who can tell you when they are hungry or thirsty. I get to guess. If I want to go do some errands it takes me at LEAST an hour just to get the boys and their stuff ready/packed up to go. I don't get to go on dates with my husband every week. I'm lucky if I get to sleep before 11 p.m. and get to "sleep in" until 6 a.m. I got to see a movie the other day and you know what? It was my first movie in OVER 6 MONTHS PEOPLE. You might assume that since I "get to stay home" I must have all the time in the world on my hands. I don't. I do laundry for 3 people, 2 of which require multiple outfit changes a day. I'm lucky if I get to shower every day before 10 a.m. I'm also lucky if I can time it right so both boys have a nap around the same time so I can sneak an hour of alone time in. I work hard every day and I do NOT need you or anyone else telling me that, since YOU were able to something when you had 2 kids about the same age apart as mine, if I can't do that same thing then I must not be trying hard enough. Yes I am lucky enough to live with my parents for the time being and you know what? They help as much as they can. But they both work full time and since they are kind enough to let me live here as their guest I try and at least have dinner ready for when they get home. But they have their own lives. These are MY children and I am responsible for them. I don't get a lunch break. I don't have the luxury of just going out to eat dinner with some friends because I feel like it.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!?! That is all okay with me. I love my kids and I love my life with them. I chose to have these kids this close and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

However, if you EVER try to make me feel insignificant because I am unable to do ONE THING that you achieved, think again. Because I may not have showered yet and my hair might be dirty and I probably don't have any make-up on but I know my kids are clean, well fed, dressed and I know that they love me despite what I didn't do that day. So there. On a lighter note....

I love Costco and that they have outfits available in sizes 0-3 month up to 5T. Because I think it's super cute that my boys match.

Dude. I love little jumpers. They are so nice for the summer and provide me easy access to change diapers!

So this is from a few weeks ago when our Bingham cousins were in town for my sister's wedding. Curtis loved that they were so willing to share their popcorn with him! Aren't their sunburns awesome and sad all at the same time? Poor kids got stripped down to their skivvies so my dad could rub their burns with aloe vera. They got popcorn AND popsicles. Lucky!

p.s. I totally bought them those adorable jumpers ONLY because husband is from Florida originally. He might not choose the Gators as his team but that gator totally represents his roots. So yeah! hahaha


  1. I love that first picture! The Curtis is smiling so big and baby is just staring at him! And the second with Cowboy=perfection. I'm sorry you have to be in contact with such idiotic fiends. At least we all know how stupid they are. It' fun that they don't realize how dumb faced they are! I love you Bear! You are a GREAT mother :)

  2. You tell them, girl! We are all trying to figure this parenting thing out, and frankly we need to be there for each other and not break each other down. I don't know if I'm doing the discipline thing right with my 2 year old. And I feel insecure and hate the idea that people are criticizing me. Arg! But ou do a great job and you know it. Keep it up and keep having fun!

  3. alright....i need to know ASAP who is making you feel so crappy about yourself? you are my hero...seriously.

  4. I think you rock! And I'm diggin the jumpers, and the picture of my cute nephews and nieces...Chin up girl-you CAN do this!

  5. You go girl! Don't give anyone's opinion of you a second though!! You're amazing with your kids and I love that little Curtis boy!! Hope he comes in the nursery again Sunday......and ps......I'll babysit anytime I'm available!! You're kids are the sweetest!!

  6. amen sister. i think you're doing a great job.

  7. You are amazing and I totally love everything you said!

    PS...I love matching my boys too!

  8. You're kids are so cute :)

    And good for you, well said. We all have our own journeys in life and the last thing we should be doing is making each other feel bad so shame on them.

    It takes strong people like you to keep this world in it's place. Thanks for the post. And we don't get out to the movies very often either! :(

  9. People are so dumb. I don't get why people have to comment on others parenting skills anyway. Everyone handle everything so differently, and every child is different...ANYONE who thinks they can parent children better than the parents need to do a serious rethinking. On another note, your boys are freaking adorable.