Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi! My name is.... what? My name is.... Who? My name is... Wait, what was the question?

Remember that Eminem song? Yeah me too. Remember anything else.....? NEITHER DO I. Seriously. One of the "side effects" of going through pregnancy and then having a baby is what is referred to as "Mommy brain". My experience with Mb seems to have it's ups and downs though. I still retain a lot of information that I knew before, I have everyone's vital information memorized -SSN's, DOB, emergency telephone numbers (seriously, how many of you actually know people's phone numbers by heart? I have about 40 memorized. Scary) medical information- you get the picture. But minute details seem to be slipping my mind. For instance, this month is VALENTINE'S DAY. It is on the same day every year. But I keep forgetting what day that is. "the correct answer would be.... What is the 14th day of February, Alex!" ***ding ding ding ding ding*** Um yeah. And I keep forgetting other things too. Next example- I keep forgetting to schedule an eye exam. Wanna know how I know I keep forgetting? I find myself squinting at things that are only 10 feet away. Or a family member will point out that I look like I have been crying. My vision is getting WORSE people. Worse. For me worse means possibly legally blind (the only good thing about that would be the disability pay! HA) and it's pretty sad when you can't see the shorties that belong to you or the expressions on their faces. In the last week I have forgotten the following "small details" that mean a lot to me and other people but no matter how much super/gorilla glue I use, I just can't seem to get them to stick in my mind.

1. When my NewBee was born. Ummmm, FAIL. I need his DOB to schedule appointments and it's hard for the doctors office when the momma doesn't remember that small but very significant date.

2. Therapy times. I keep forgetting who is coming over for what and have pretty much just stopped trying to guess and now we play "who's behind door number 1?" to determine what we are doing that day! Yes. I remember the days just not times or who all is coming.

3. Sizes. Why does this matter?? Well, let me tell you! After you have a baby and you get to start wearing normal sized clothes again it helps to know what size to wear. I went to Wal-Mart recently and kept returning to the stupid maternity section before an associate asked how far along I was. I practically screamed "I JUST HAD A BABY" but then realized that from her point of view I must be pregnant or else I wouldn't keep circling that section like a Great White shark waiting for a baby seal to get lost. **shakesmyhead**

4. My address. Sooooooo, this is also a pretty important piece of info. When WorkerBee left for basic training we got a P.O. box so if/when I moved we could still just have all of our mail in one spot. Lately when I need to give my address out my mouth gives some mushed up version of parts of both addresses. And let me tell you, the address it gives out does NOT exist. Awkward.

5. Lyrics. This is really not a big deal to anyone but myself but I still feel like a fool. I will be singing a song and totally know ALL the words (somewhere in the back of my mind) and suddenly I am singing all new lyrics to a different song but to the same melody as song 1. Epic fail. Plus I have done this at church too. Which makes all the people I happen to be sitting within earshot of turn and stare at me like I either don't know how to read or I have 3 arms or something. Awesome.

6. Phone calls/texts. I will completely forget who I was talking to, what we were talking about, when we last spoke, and why they even called in the first place.

7. Where I was going. Not in a big way like if I was driving or anything. But I will find myself wandering aimlessly throughout the house trying to remember what room I was going into and what I was going to do/grab while in there. Example- I kept forgetting I needed to change a wet diaper and kept forgetting why I was going into my room and then to the library. I kept looking at books and sitting down to pick things up and then when I went to where the babies were and saw some seriously saggy pants it clicked.

Hopefully this will go away like it did after I had the BabyBee but until then let's hope I don't forget anything else TOO important!!


  1. Don't forget where you left the baby!~
    Sounds like you need a break..............

  2. I feel your pain. I tell my girls they are my keeper. When we leave the house one of them has william's bag one hasmy camer andthe other my phone, you know all of the important stuff,lol.

    I know what you mean forgetting things, I just told my hubby that I should be really fun living with by the time I am even sixty....I will need 24/7 care in fear of forgetting something

    Also, one thing that helped with therapy and remembering who was you have a calendar?...mine is my brain and sometimes I still can't keep four schedules straight but it does help quite a bit....I just have to remember to write it down :)