Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes my brain functions properly....

After I had the CTR #1 and I learned that he had Down syndrome my schedule became full of appointments. Doctors, therapies, lab work, EKG's.... you name it we've done it. Thankfully as he's gotten older (almost 18 months!!) the appointments have slowed down and we were starting to get on a wonderful schedule. Then CTR #2 came along. I am so glad I have 2 happy and healthy little boys but I completely forgot how many doctors appointments having a newborn requires. The other day I got a random phone call at 7 p.m. and was listening to my voicemail. You know what I discovered...? That my ChubBee (hahaha. I renamed him. LOVE IT) had an appointment with a geneticist the next morning. GREAT. In Phoenix! Super great. *** insert sarcastic tone of voice HERE *** Going to that doctor is a big deal. It consists of a normal "physical" type appointment plus him asking me 2-3 pages of questions to make sure my little ChubBee is doing ok. Add to that a new insurance plan (thank you U.S. government for wonderful insurance coverage) plus a NewBee whose only outings include HIS own doctor's appointments equals a visit that should have only taken 30 minutes taking 90. I am perfectly capable of taking care of my boys at home by myself (most of the time) but going to a big appointment like this required some back-up. Thankfully my lovely Aunt Barbara let me borrow her so that way I had the proper adult-to-small naughty, with a tendency to crawl away-child ratio. It has been unusually cold for AZ for this time of year so we all got bundled up and headed out for our big adventure.

How cute is this dude ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^? Let me tell you, he HATES having that beanie on his head. A lot. That is why we added the hoodie so that way his clumsy, fat little fingers have no chance at getting it off. He was not very pleased with my strategic move and had no problem making his feelings known.

Then we have this guy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ who slept *almost* the entire time. See his attire? He was also not too happy about being bundled up just to get in the car, drive to Phoenix, sit in a doctors office for almost 2 hours and get BACK in that car. Too bad NewBee. I am bigger than you. I win. One of these days once everyone is a little bigger we will have a normal schedule again but until then my brain seems to have malfunctions daily. However I did find out that it is NOT my fault I didn't know about this stupid appointment in the first place. Before we left the hell-hole known as the doctors office, I was informed that my ChubBee would need to be seen again in about a year but not to worry because the office staff would just schedule my appointment for me since the geneticist is only available at that hospital on Thursdays. ***facepalm*** THAT IS WHY I COULDN'T RECALL DOING THIS HORRIBLE SCHEDULING. Because I didn't. Maybe someday my mind will regain full capacity but until then let's hope I get more notice than the night before.
In other news the ChubBee is such a good big brother. He is especially good at the following:
1. patting NewBee on the back to help get out gas bubbles.
2. taking out that horrible binky. Because if the ChubBee doesn't like it then of course the NewBee won't either.
3. talking to the NewBee while I get a bottle ready.
4. showing the NewBee that not only do his chub-chub fingers fit perfectly inside his OWN nostrils but that they can fit up NewBee's as well.
ChubBee is so sweet and really does love on his baby brother. It is one of the most sincere things I have ever seen and I love watching them interact. I can't wait until my NewBee is bigger and can engage more in their playtime. He is starting to really wake up more and be more attentive to what is going on around him. The ChubBee learned 2 new tricks this week! He learned how to clap and will now applaud himself (it is so cute!) for doing something good! And he also learned how to lay on his belly in the bathtub and is starting to learn to swim like a fish! I can't wait for summer to come so we can practice in the pool! Other than being colicky the NewBee is such a sweetheart all the time and very relaxed. I love having mellow kiddos and am trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

Well that is the latest update on the boys. I am doing pretty good. Getting better at making it through the day on not much sleep but they make it worth it! The WorkerBee is doing good and still adjusting to his strict army schedule! That's it for now!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww, I love them! we have to figure out a time when I can come and visit you three.

  2. Pure sweetness!! I need to have some face time with that Curtis kid of yours......he probably won't even remember me!!

  3. Wonderful update. Your boys are precious!

  4. ahhh so cute! When can I see them?!! soon I hope!

  5. your boys are so cute!!! (my brain is like scrambled eggs too- it's all good;)