Friday, August 13, 2010

Pudding and Custard are NOT the same thing....

I apparently do NOT know how to read. I don't know if I recently suffered an accident or something or what but now I don't know how to read my cookbooks. Sad day since they are such a great go-to book if I have no new library books to read. Anyhow... I bought some pudding. BabyBee loved it. It was squishy and cold between his fingers AND it tasted pretty good. Well, I decided it would be way cheaper for me to just make it so I whip out my handy dandy Betty Crocker cookbook and proceed to look up Pudding. Find the general section where the recipes are located and pick the one with the fewest ingredients. This is where the whole reading ability would come in and be useful. But no.... because the BabyBee can sense that I am doing something in the kitchen and he is out of eyesight he starts doing naughty baby things. Ya know... hitting all the buttons he can reach, pulling on wires and sticking them in his mouth. The usual. Well I have the stovetop on and a sauce pot on medium and am whisking eggs like a mad woman. I finally have a break to get that BabyBee and stick him with some highly distracting toys and I go back to the kitchen to make his snack. I transfer the goo-like substance to another bowl in cool water. Then I check the cookbook again to make sure how long to let it cool down so I can set the kitchen timer. This is when I notice something I didn't see before. I just made Whipped Custard which is an appropriate topping for pie or cobbler and other desserts of that sort. So I flip a couple of pages to see if there is THAT BIG of a difference. And yes there is. I blame this mistake on the mischievous nature of my BabyBee who had no idea that I put so much effort into his stupid snack. I am not even going to post pictures because 1. this confession is embarassing enough. and 2. The custard turned a not very pretty color after adding vanilla.

What have you been up to?!?!


  1. Haha! I've done that before, or tried to sub an ingredient that didn't really have the same effect or taste that I thought it would.

  2. That is definitely something I would do. Did you still feed it to him? If so, did he like it?

  3. This is pretty much my favorite post of yours.

    Loved the voicemail you guys left for me. I listen to it daily.