Monday, August 9, 2010

I forget to take pictures....

Last week we were able to make a quick trip over to Southern California where WorkerBee served his mission! It was pretty fun. We didn't take too many pictures mainly because I always forget that I need to be the one to take them. Ha ha ha. Anyhow.... these are some of the highlights of our trip!

This was WorkerBee's #2 top moment of the trip! A Big Mike's Burger. That burger is as tall as the BabyBee's sippy cup. It was HUUUUUUUUGE. That burger had to be like 3 pounds with all of the fixings on it. It comes with a hot link and all the other good burger stuffs and was so thick that it took almost 20 minutes to cook all the way through. Also.... those french fries were pretty dang amazing.

This is me and the BabyBee at the Newport Beach Temple. Yes I know this picture is taken of the backside of the temple BUT the temple grounds were closed. It was sad. Plus... the BabyBee smiling in a picture just makes it awesome.

So there is a story behind these two pictures. After we left Big Mike's Burgers we started driving towards a family the WorkerBee really wanted to see. We're going down the road and all of a sudden I think out loud "hey. That baby who was really mad about being in the car earlier is awfully quiet. I'll check if he's asleep!" HE WAS NOT. He was propped up like in the above picture. We had him half buckled so he could eat at Big Mike's too and we forgot to make sure he was harnassed all the way in so he was in heaven being able to sit up like a big boy and do naughty things. So we pulled off the road and went back to strap him in and this is what happened.... ^ I know you can't see his eyes but that is the grin of an extremely happy BabyBee. And this one below us is when we started laughing at him. Seriously. How could you not?

Pretty much the BabyBee is stinkin cute. Oh. And the BabyBee learned to sit up 2 weeks ago all by himself which he is so excited about. I have videos of that coming later but for now just some cute smiles!!


  1. Yes he is so dang cute! Love that big ole grin!

  2. oh my goodness! that story was so funny! you can tell that he LOVED sitting up in his carseat! will he be able to sit in the forward facing seat soon? he is a doll!!

  3. cute, Cute CUTE!!! All smiles what a cutie pie!

  4. That's definitely his father's boy--always getting in trouble!

  5. Oh, boys. So awesome.

    Missin' you darlin' - you need to come up to Nebraska!
    (ohp, my name isn't showing...Sarah LG from Chatham!)

  6. OK.....that kid is awesome!! He so cracks me up!! I ♥ him.....and you too~~

  7. How fun! Southern California is so pretty!! I don't know how you ate that burger! It would have taken me at least two meals to do that. And your baby is so cute!!