Thursday, August 19, 2010

Electronic Devices + Me = shouting

Let me start by saying I am normally NOT electronically challenged. However, after becoming a mom and having to learn a bunch of medical jargon in regards to the BabyBee and what not my brain seems to not function at full capacity anymore. We got a new remote (a nice universale one so I don't have to use 3) and I set about programming it while WorkerBee is at his student orientation. I read the instruction manual 3 times before looking for my TV's code. I read the programming part an additional 2 times and once out loud to make sure I knew what I was doing. EPIC FAIL. I tried programming it for 30 minutes before even grumbling about it. I made it another 15 before I started raising my voice. The BabyBee had no idea why his momma was so upset so he quietly crawled onto the tile to entertain himself. Good boy. I tried for another 20 minutes before deciding that I am remote-challenged and will have WorkerBee do it when he gets home. Betcha he gets it set up on the first try.

Dear technology....

We can no longer be "friends" and you have been demoted to "acquaintance" and will remain that way until further notice.

The QueenBee

p.s. did you catch my mention that my BabyBee is now crawling?! Yep. He is a little rockstar. Take THAT.


  1. Gotta see that kid......can't believe he's on the move!~! Oh yeah....give Curtis the remote...he can probably fix it for ya!

  2. Haha! Okay, this one is now my new favorite post. You rock my love!