Saturday, June 12, 2010

And the countdown begins......

My family will all be here in a matter of DAYS. Days people. I have been trying to get things all ready to go and looking good and, well, you see today we had a setback. BabyBee had to go to the doctor yesterday because he just wasn't being himself. Turns out he STILL has an ear infection in his left ear. No big deal though right? We got more and BETTER medicine and started doing that. Then today happened..... You see I was awoken quite suddenly from a terrible, horrbile, awful dream and I couldn't see out of my left eye. Having very poor vision I often think about what I would do if I were actually blind. This has affected my everyday life for years. WorkerBee didn't notice it right away but I count how many steps it takes me to get certain places. For real. I have my entire parent's house memorized- how many steps to the upstairs bathroom, the downstairs bathroom, the kitchen and blah blah blah. So this morning when I woke up from a bad dream and was greeted by a fuzzy eye I kind of freaked out a little bit. I rushed into the bathroom and started messing with contacts and solution and eyedrops. You name it. Turns out....I HAVE PINK EYE. I don't think I've ever been so relieved to have goopy crap dribbling out of my eyeball but I was. Too bad that now I'm fuzzy I still need to do laundry, dishes, deep clean 2 bathrooms and loads of other chores because all motivation has flown out the window. BabyBee is lucky he is fed and has a nice clean diaper on him. I am not even planning on having a shower until like 5 tonight because of all the nasty things I need to do today. There really is no point in cleaning myself when I'm going to end up covered in Comet(the best bathroom cleaner EVER just btw), 409, Windex, nasty dishwater and who knows what else. So yeah. You know that primary song..... "Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday!" I was so SOOOO excited to have a super duper cleaning day today. And here's hoping it turns out that way! What are YOU doing this weekend?!?!?


  1. Today I'm doing absolutely nothing...but, now that I see you're actually makes me want to clean. It's kind of cathartic to put some good tunes on and tidy up the place...well, once in a while I guess. :) Then when you're done, it looks awesome and all the hardwork pays.

  2. Do you breastfeed? I've never tried it, but I've heard that breastmilk does wonders for pinkeye... just drop some in your eye. If you're brave enough. Which I doubt I would be. lol... but these are things I've heard!

  3. Haha! How have we been friends all these years and I not know about your obsession with being blind? You really have your parent's house memorized by how many steps it takes to get places? That is AWEsome!