Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 random stores/products/things I would endorse if I were a celebrity...

I was having some random thoughts in my head the other day (but let's be honest- when do I NOT) and I thought of some random things/places I would totally endorse if I were a celebrity.

1. A jewelry store. Why you might ask? Well my birthstone is a Diamond plus maybe they would give me a discount I could pass along to family and friends!

2. The Food Network. DUH. I am a certified FOODIE. Plus I think it would be so SOOO fun to do a show with Guy Fieri and drive around to all those wonderful places!

3. Papa Murphy's!! They make SUCH delicious pizzas it's ridiculous. My family loves their vegeterian one with the spinach, artichoke hearts and other glorious veggies. Plus their cheesy garlic bread and cinnamon wheel are THE most AMAZING treats. Love them. End of story.

4. That is correct, I would endorse the Target. I like their baby clothes and think they are way cute. And they have really nice carts. Which I know the BabyBee is very appreciative of.

5. QuikTrip. Let me tell you. When I lived in FL I asked the WorkerBee if they had QT's and he had NO idea what I was talking about. But don't worry, I educated him in the ways of cheap drinks and a plethora of candy when we moved back to AZ.

6. Fresh and Easy. I love their Grill Packs. They make dinner/lunch/spontaneous barbeques so much better. I also love that they marinade their meat in some tasty flavors. Oh yeah. AND they have samples!

7. Earl of Sandwich. I discovered this amazing place when I worked at The Walt Disney World Resort with my little sister M. It is amazing. Everytime WorkerBee and I go back to FL to visit his family I make sure we take a trip there. My favorite sandwich is their All American. Roasted Turkey with buttermilk ranch, cranberries, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes!! Another winner is The Full Montagu- roasted beef, turkey, swiss and cheddar, lettuce, roma tomatoes and Earl's mustard. And let's not forget The Earl's Club- Roasted turkey, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, roma tomato and sandwich sauce. They serve all of their sandwiches on the best bread and toast them! If you are ever in Las Vegas, San Antonio, Orlando, Boston, Detroit or SugarLand I highly suggest that you make the trip. Your mouth and taste buds will thank you. And if you bring me back a sandwich I will thank you too!

8. Costco. I love shopping in bulk. Plus if I'm hungry and can't decide what to eat it's fun to walk around and eat samples. They have some of my favorite things at Costco. Hot dog and a drink for $1.50? Heck yes.

9. Down East Basics. I love their clothes. In fact a couple of my favorite maternity shirts came from them!! I love their swim suits and their cute undershirts and their skirts and pretty much the whole store.

10. Dr. Pepper. Need I say more other than the fact that I'm pretty sure ANYONE who I know and love would appreciate all the free soda.

So.... there is my list of products/stores whatnot that I would choose. Now how about you?!?! Tell me your favorites!


  1. Hmmm? I would have to think about this to make my picks, but we have at least 5 that over lap... Target, Costco, Food Network, QT, and Down East Basics, LOVE them all!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of Papa Murphy's, Fresh and Easy, Down East, or Earl of Sandwich. But Papa Murphy's sounds very delicious. And I love comfy clothes!

    About Guy Fieri. Once upon a time, he came to Oklahoma and went nuts over this BBQ place in OKC called Leo's. So when my sweet babe was in the NICU and the other was staying with family members, my husband and I decided to get some Leo's BBQ and take it back to the Ronald McDonald House where we were sentenced..erm, I mean, staying. And to be honest? The food from Leo's was diiiiisgusting. My hubby would eat his shoe if you cooked it on the grill first, so he didn't think it was that bad, but baaaaarf. So I guarded my heart from Guy Fieri, and gave him the stank eye at every given chance. Then, he came back to OKC and went to another restaurant called Cattlemen's. He and his crispy, spiky, 1999-called-and-they-want-their-bleached-boy-hair-back has officially won me back over. And that's mine and Guy's love/hate story. :)

  3. I would endorse Barnes & Noble, PF Chang's and Water. Can't think of anythng else that I would be willing to put my celebrity name on at this point. :)