Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 hours doing whaaaaaaaaaaat.......?

So my littleST sister (she doesn't like it when I call her my BABY sister) is getting married next week. Pretty exciting. Well.... seeing as how I have 3 years of baking experience in a professional school setting my mom dubbed ME the official cookie-baker for her bridal shower. So this afternoon at about 4, I started cranking out these bad boys:

That's right folks. I spent 3 hours baking which, amounts to 10 dozen cookies. Yep. That is 120 cookies that I rolled and cut out. And tomorrow I get the honor of icing them. And if ANYONE who resides at the house where I baked them ate A N Y they will be in big trouble. Yeah. In other news... Oh wait. We are lame homebody's that have NO other news. At all. I keep thinking I will have something exciting to write about but no. well maybe.... Let me think. Oh yeah! BabyBee has an appointment for a hearing test. The reason WHY is this mock conversation that happened between one of his doctors and ME the last time we were there:

Dr: So does BabyBee turn towards you when you call his name?

QueenBee(QB): Ummm. Well when he wants to I guess.

Dr: What do you mean? Does he turn to you when he hears you call his name?

QB: If we haven't made him mad then YES.

Dr: Could you explain?

QB: Well I am home all day with him and I'm pretty sure he gets sick of my voice. I get sick of me too. So sometimes when I call his name he IGNORES me. But I don't think it's because he's deaf or anything. He just has selective hearing! Like a teenager.

Dr: Hmmmmm. Well why don't we get his ears checked out just to make sure.

QB: GRRRRRRRRREAT. **insert sarcasm here**

Seriously. Am I the only mom who gets ignored by her infant? Has that doctor honestly never seen a baby so intrigued by his own creative genius/toys/beautiful hands that he won't acknowledge his parents?! Please tell me I am not alone in this. Because my heart might die a little on the inside. Also BabyBee has found his own voice this week. He finally realizes that it is HIM making those growling sounds at his momma. Yes. BabyBee growls. Like a monster. He will look you straight in the eye, GLARE and then yell at me. He's not as bad as my nephew the Tad-pole who, as an infant, could be heard swearing his mom blue in the face. But, it's enough to make you stop what you are doing at that moment and give the growl right back. In fact he LOVES when you do it. I am trying to get this on video but the BabyBee is a wee bit camera-shy. Well... that's all for now.

NO WAIT! I need your opinions.... I am thinking of starting a cooking/baking blog. If I do will you read it? I'll consider doing "give-a-ways" of stuff you really like and/or want to eat. Tell ME!


  1. Cookies look great! I'll read your cooking blog!

  2. This was so funny. I laughed at the Thad part. That kid swears so much and I just love his mumbling curses! And I love being the baby sister you poop! And I also almost ate a cookie 4 times. But I didn't. You're welcome. :)

  3. i would read your cooking/baking blog. i like to do both...

  4. Okay I would so follow your cooking blog and as for the ignoring you Laura does it all the time. They tested her twuce for being deaf at the hospital and when the doctor and I had a conversation a little similar to yours.

  5. Clark is pro at ignoring both me and daddy. I'm sure your doc is being cautious because of his DS.

  6. Both of my boys ignore me from time to time. :) Especially the big one (the one without the bonus chromosome). And he can hear just fine. They're boys... they don't listen to their mamas all the time!

  7. I'll follow your baking blog. I think it is pretty impressive that you made so many sugar cookies. When I have to make that many cookies, I just use the spritz recipe and a cookie press and I don't frost at all. Haha. Verity sure is lucky that you are doing that. :)

  8. YES!!! do a baking blog! Also, Taylor totally ignores me. she has perfect hearing...little brat. j/k!!!