Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My mowf hoots

Soooooo. BabyBee was pretty miserable the last week and since he is normally so very pleasant I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Thankfully I am surrounded by lots of wise women who pointed out that said Baby's gums were looking swollen. Turns out that BabyBee cut his very first tooth 4 days ago and made it very well known that IT HURT. SO I took the liberty of making it known to him that I too had been through said tooth-cutting process. He did not take the news well. But he did inform me that he is very excited to retaliate in the form of no longer gumming my so-called "soothing finger rubs" but BITING. He also informed me that he dislikes fruits in favor of mixed vegetables. Hooray.

p.s. I found out the hard way that BabyBee is against my trying to capture the teething process and will not let his humiliation be documented. Sad day


  1. So cute!! I miss seeing you and Baby Bee too!! Have a fun vacation and take lots of baby aspirin for his poor toofers!!

  2. Poor baby bee. Teething is a hard process. But it will be worth it when he can eat real foods.