Monday, May 3, 2010


Since last Wednesday we have been in............................................
the homeland of BOTH of these animals otherwise known as FLORIDA!! We came to visit Josh's family and show off the BabyBee since he had yet to meet a lot of them!! Our trip went as follows:

Day 1- Wednesday- wake at at 4:30 am to go get a ride to the airport. Spend *about* 12 hours traveling. WITH A BABY.

Day 2- Thursday- went to the temple and discovered it was super busy. Then went to see the Ingalls! Josh worked for Dr. Ingalls before and after his mission! That was a blast. Visited some more family friends.

Day 3- Friday- Went to The Magic Kingdom!! We got to go on the new Space Mountain and it was AMAZING! After we went on the rides we wanted to, we got us some Earl of Sandwich. YUM. If you go to Walt Disney World you MUST go there. It's as good as the attractions!

Day 4- Saturday- BUSY BUSY day. Thankfully we got to start off by sleeping in. We had a family party in the early afternoon with some of Josh's FAVORITE bar-b-que. Then we had a good friend of Cathy's (my mother-in-law) take some family pictures since ALL of her kids were here! Then we had an evening party at our friend Garla's house and BabyBee got dipped into the cold pool. It was intense.

Day 5- Sunday- church!! I always forget how big our wards out West seem compared to the ones out here. Crazy. Then Mike and Roxanne Ingalls made a lovely Sunday dinner for us and we got to visit with their family.

Day 6- Saturday- Monday!! We hung out with Cathy and Angela in the morning and afternoon. Then we got to eat dinner at Josh's favorite Italian place ANTHONY'S. And come home and relax/do laundry/pack!

Tomorrow we return home to AZ land of the dry heat. All in all a very good week! How was YOUR weekend?!?!


  1. Our weekend was might boring compared to yours!! Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Good to hear you are having fun.

    Love ya!