Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting ready...

Today I started deep cleaning our place before we go on vacation. BabyBee was awake so I stuck him in his car seat and let him watch me clean up our guest bathroom. MISTAKE. Let me explain something first. BabyBee grows slower than regular babies. Physically, developmentally you name it. Normally this is fine! (just means he will stay my baby longer!) But when he can't see where I am it's *kind of* a BIG DEAL. So into the car seat he goes and I start cleaning. This is where the problem begins. BabyBee is usually asleep when I clean but since he was all up in the action I didn't think at all about using all my cleaning products! As soon as the Comet got shaken onto the sink and into the tub ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Sneezing was just the beginning. Then came the crying. So then I had to wash my hands.... Oh I don't know. 6 times? People who use Comet totally know what I mean. So I finally go pick this little guy up who is still SO angry at me. Sad day. All I can think of is "maybe he's hungry?" I proceed to whip up some peas and rice (a new favorite) and not even 5 minutes into eating you know what happens?! He falls asleep mid-bite. Poor kid. I will post pictures after I get batteries.... Promise.


QueenBee cleaning the house- 0
BabyBee falling asleep (therefore disrupting QB's cleaning)- 2


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  1. Doh! Comet is a B to get off your hands. No pun intended. ;)