Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunggle Bums

Being a "true child of the 80's"... I hate that term. Just by the way. Anyhow. I was remembering all of the old toys my family used to have and guess what came to mind?

That's RIGHT! SnuggleBums! I was thinking about these mainly because BabyBee is apparently 1/4 SnuggleBum! He has lots of hair and absolutley loves to be cuddled at *almost* any time during the day! There are some major difference too though. BabyBee is NOT neon. Although sometimes I think about a family in a previous ward who used to dye their dog using Kool-Aid. This thought has crossed my mind several times. Especially with Easter coming up. Can't you just see this kid with Neon Hot Pink in his hair?!?! He would totally match all of the Easter eggs. Maybe I'll just get some of that temporary dye.... Probably not. Anyhow. The other difference is that unlike the REAL SnuggleBums BabyBee does not have a hard belly so you can throw him. So in a way I guess he is more like.... Snuffleupagus! See.....:

Now Sunffleupagus looks a *wee* bit depressed. BabyBee does not. Only sometimes whenhe's really tired and refuses to fall asleep and the little baggies under his eyes happen to be very prominent that day! Anyhow. I just thought I would describe BabyBee using toys. Super fun.


  1. You do have a snugglebug for sure! I wanna babysit again sometime. We missed you last night at the RS Birthday party. I'll put pics on the RS blog soon as I re cooperate.

  2. haha this is too funny! i don't really remember 'snugglebums' though.. but that's definitely curtis! a snuggly, wiggly bum!

  3. I think you should definitely dye Bbee's hair. That would be amazing.

  4. I love the Comparisons! haha so funny! & mister Sunffleupagus is classic.