Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's official...

I have an announcement.... and it's NOT what you are thinking.

The BabyBee has finally learned to live up to his last name! For our internet identity protection that last name shall not be revealed (but if we are friends you probably already know it. If not feel free to email me and based on our friendship I might tell you our secret. HA). BabyBee learned a new trick and can now successfully roll from his back to his belly and his belly to his back! Our Physical Therapist Jamie said this is so good! We are very excited for him to have made such a wonderful milestone so early on! (babies with Down syndrome are typically delayed with developmental milestones. just fyi) He has also started BEAMING at us. I know in the primary song they talk about Sunbeams and I think the BabyBee has a head start on that. Ha ha! He will look at you and make eye contact and then, as Emeril Lagasse would put it, *BAM* biggest toothless smile ever. Pictures will be coming to document said happenings. But BabyBee is asleep so not anytime soon.


  1. Good job BabyBee!! Gotta love those first real smiles when just the sight of mommy and daddy makes them light up!

  2. How exciting! As much as I love when the babies roll over, my favorite is when they purposefully smile. Baby smiles make my heart happy. :)