Thursday, January 21, 2010


SO! I have gotten a few questions as to why I am "BearyBee". First of all the correct spelling is BeriBee. Like my name but with the "T" taken out. I am named after my lovely Aunt Berit who was named by my wonderful Grandfather C. You see, he served a mission in Norway in his youth and when he was there he discovered that Berit meant Sunshine. Well he came home and married my beautiful Grandmother C. and their first daughter came and joined the family and Grandpa C. decided to name her Berit! Then they had a few other daughters before their baby (my momma) came along to finish up their family. So my mom grows up and meets my awesome Dad and they have a few kiddos too. Well then MY turn comes along....Now you see I was NOT supposed to be a Berit but when I decided to make my grand entrance I, just like my Aunt, came out with a head full of BLACK HAIR. My Mom's family is quite blonde so Aunt Berit and I are quite literally the "black sheep" ha ha! So Berit I was named! YEAH!! Anywho... growing up in the AZ near my Grandparents C. it was kind of confusing when I would call and introduce myself as Berit since they already had their own! To determine which Berit they were talking to my Mom came up with the brilliant idea of calling my Aunt Berit the QUEEN BEE. And I was the BabyBee. Well this was all great until I grew up. So Mom and I decided that I should be dubbed BeriBee. Or BearyBee. Yup. And since this is MY blog I am the QueenBee. So there. And with Curtis being the baby he just naturally had to be the BabyBee! Speaking of Curtis.... Josh and I borrowed "Bee Movie" from Stu and Angie. We were watching it and noticed some similarities between OUR BabyBee and one of the bees from the movie. I, however, will allow you to be the judge!

Curtis has recently taken to sleeping starting on his back and somehow scooting to the side of the crib where he will hurl himself so he is on his belly.

Here he is in position 1. See how cute and restful he is?!

Now here... he has rolled himself over. Keep in mind he can ONLY do this while sleeping. It's hilarious.

And now (drumroll please) here is the proof that my BabyBee is truly a BabyBee. This is from the part in Bee Movie when Adam gets introduced to Cinnabon. Yummmmm. Curtis is not all cracked out from the icing though. Just from his night time bottle with rice cereal in it.

Do you see this?!?! Their little bums are up in the air and it just cracks me up! Here are a couple of other pictures we've taken recently too. In the 1st one Curtis is wearing a onesie from his Grandma Cathy in Florida! He actually kind of fits in it! Well.... after he's eaten and his belly is all full. And the second one is him just chilling out. His new hobby is staring at us like we're crazy when he sees the camera nearby. So until next time ENJOY!


  1. SOOO precious!! I definitely see the resemblance between the bees, haha!

  2. He's such a cutie. My babes liked to sleep on their tummies with their bums in the air too.

  3. he is so dang cute and getting so big! and i totally love the BEE movie! no one ever knows what movie im talking about but its the only movie that gets dyson to sleep sometimes. and i know as much as we want these little ones to sleep on their backs they always do whatever they want! silly boys!! :)

  4. Awwww Berit, i love your name. for real! and curtisbee is sooo handsome. I mean, he is so cute. good to know thats why your blog has its name haha! and WE got snow last night, like a whole foot! shees!

  5. Aww I love the Thing 1 t-shirt! too funny!
    & loving his belly is all puffed out!
    He is way too cute for words!

  6. I love this post!! That little guy is growing like crazy and is so stinkin' cute!! Your name ROCKS and I love how you call BabyBee.....CTR. I'll never forget that!

  7. Your baby is adorable- and I love the proof that he's babybee!!! OH MY GOSH too cute!!

  8. oh my goodness i heart him! i just want to squeeze his big ol' belly!!!