Friday, February 19, 2010

Life is HARD.... Sometimes.

So.... Time for an update! BabyBee is doing great! He had an EKG recently and an Ultrasound to check on the ASD/VSD holes in his heart. We *STILL* have not had our follow-up cardiac appointment to go over the test results for the EKG. However after the Ultrasound the doctor came out and let us know what was going on. Turns out the BabyBee's ASD (a hole in the upper atrium chambers of his heart) has gotten a wee bit bigger. BUT his VSD has gotten a wee bit smaller. Thankfully the doctor said that *if* he needed surgery to correct this it wouldn't be until he was at least 3 years old. Which is great news. In other great news the Bee family is going to go to Florida in April! Hooray! We are very excited to see WorkerBees family and friends and introduce them to the BabyBee properly. Internet is great but just doesn't do him justice. Ha ha. Also, my favorite youngest sister has gotten engaged and will be getting married this summer! This is super exciting and I can hardly wait! I have recently been watching a friend's kiddo on occasion. She is a subsitute teacher. AND LET ME TELL YOU.... I have a new respect for any woman with multiple children! G-Baby is a pretty easy-going kid but feeding 2 kids at once is HARD. Especially when 1 needs to be bottle fed and if you don't directly supervise the other, some form of food gets rubbed into my carpet. NICE. On the plus side I can make him clean himself up, he is practically potty-trained AND he can watch an entire movie while I take care of the BabyBee. Awesome. And more great news! I got to attend the first meeting for my new calling! I LOVE IT. I'm on the Enrichment Meeting Committee. Coming up in March for our activity we are doing a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! And I get to make a display cake *GASP*! WOOT WOOT! I got all of my cake stuff and just need to start practicing. After 7 years of NOT decorating cakes methinks I might need some fine-tuning. Part of our theme is polka-dots so at least I won't have to do anything too tricky. This is pretty much what I have in mind for our cake. So Bev if you're reading this I hope you like it! p.s. It will probably be different colors.

Oh. And it will not be this pink. Or this tall. But it will be stinkin cute. So yeah! Let's see.... Oh! I discovered that I have a skin *sensitivity* (not an allergy seeing as how a doctor has to diagnose that) to certain ingridients in lotion. My skin was all dry because we live in the AZ and it's winter time so I thought I'd be smart and put some lotion on. Well! The only lotion around at the time was some of BabyBee's lotion. So I start rubbing it in. Not even 5 minutes later my skin is burning and red and puffy and my fat little hand looked even more swollen then when the ER nurse messed up my IV! Genius that I am decide to wash it off which makes my hand more dry. I of course, seeing my hand in its weakened state did what I thought was the right thing and put MORE lotion on it. Worst idea ever. My hand resembled a little somethin' somethin' like this:

Yes I realize that this is a man hand. But you get the idea. The entire time this is happening I am texting WorkerBee in a panic because HELLO! My hand looks awful. Then my hand got too fat to text. Very few things can make you feel fatter than that. Thankfully it is all better now. Courtesy of Bag Balm. Which I love. Anyhow I will be updating this thing more now. I promise. And I will also be posting my pics of the display cakes I'm practicing! HOORAY!


  1. I definately want to see pictures of the cake.

    Too bad about not seeing the cardiologist yet. Hopefully you can get in soon.

    Bag Balm fixes everything. When I was reading about your hand, I kept thinking "bag balm, bag balm." Glad you thought of it too. :)

    Love ya!

  2. That sucks about being allergic to the lotion. My hands swell up like that when I use surface cleaners. :(

  3. OK....I totally love the picture of the cake and I can have it look like what ever you want...cuz I know it will be stinkin' cute!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!
    Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your hand....hope it gets all better cuz you have some cakin' to do girly, girl!! ♥

  4. Lol! B, I LOVE that you found some random picture of a swollen hand to put on your blog. And, yikes... I would toss that lotion out! If I had a reaction like that, I wouldn't bring it anywhere near my baby.

    So glad to hear C is doing so well. I love the pics of him - more please! :)

  5. Just found your blog from Dsnewmama's site. What a cute little guy! I have a 7 year old daughter with Ds (+5 other kids). Live in SLC and it looks like we both share the same common faith. I look forward to following your blog.