Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the end of the YEAR as we know it....

Ha ha ha. I am being clever and using song titles as my blog update titles. Or maybe that's considered lazy. Either way it's true. So I thought I would copy everyone else and do an end of the year summary! I have *some* pictures but don't feel like putting them up. (not a bad thing though) so let's get started!

Hmmmm. Not much happened this month. Josh and I took a random trip to the snow with some friends and I laughed histerically at the fact that my poor at/below-sea level altitude challenged husband could not BREATHE for about 20 minutes. Just picture it and YOU will laugh too. *I hope*

Again.... not much happened this month. Yes it was Valentine's Day and we went on a fancy date. But apart from that, not much happening. Oh. Wait. I would discover that what I thought was a terrible virus was in fact A PREGNANCY. *oh joy*

My Grandpa C. passes on. Terribly sad time. I am hormonal and now very sad. I decide that it is too early to tell people that I am "with child" and proceed to lose 13 pounds in about 10 days. Conclusion: morning sickness= great diet. Yep. Also decide to tell me doctor about my sick little self and am told "it's just normal" ok. I'll wait it out.

My birthday rolls around and I hit the 3-month mark and decide I'll announce that I am prego to friends and family! OH YEAH! And I'm still sick. (and people wonder as to why I'm a hypochondriac)

Josh decides we need to work for different employers and starts looking for a new job. I continue being ill and the doctors decide to put me on a Zofran pump. Hmmmm... let's make the nauesous HORMONAL girl poke herself with a sharp piece of plastic that stays inserted into her legs to pump medicine into her bloodstream. End result: took it out after 4 days (cried) and was bruised for the next 2 weeks. AWESOME.

Josh gets a job working as a Security Officer and we are blessed enough to fly out to Florida to attend his sister Elizabeth's wedding! Wonderful, except for the fac that not even a week before the wedding I was hopistalized with early (not FALSE *thankyouverymuch*) labor. I am given Terbutaline to prevent any contractions and am told to keep my feet elevated as much as possible. HA.

Our 1 year wedding anniversary! We were so excited.... and then I got to go BACK to the hospital for early labor. This is when we find out that I am legitimately starting to go into labor. Already 2cm dilated. JOY! Get put on a few days of bed rest and go back to work. AGAIN. Where I proceed to get written up for "excessive bathroom usage". Hi. My name is Berit and I am pregnant and have a FETUS sitting on my bladder that is full from the 3 liters minimum of water I drink every day. Have we met?!

Fetus aka the Curtis, decides to try to make yet another early appearance around the 7th and I am put on bed rest for 2 weeks. I decide that bedrest SUCKS. And I am not very entertaining to myself. The night before I am supposed to go back to work I start to have some contractions again. We call the doctor and tell him we're going to the hospital seeing as how they'll probably just kick me out again based on the fact that I am not due for 5 weeks. I get admitted after progressing from a 3cm to a 5cm in under an hour. FUN. So later that day CTR makes his grand appearance! We are informed about his DS.

We start getting used to this new little person in our lives and are getting ready to start physical therapy. And Josh turns 23!! He got a BABY for his birthday! SOOOO exciting.

General Conference! I go back to work for 3 weeks then quit because of the therapy sessions we'll need to schedule for Curtis so he is delayed as little as possible.

We bless the Curtis! Josh's mom and sister fly out from Florida to spend time with us and Curtis gets to meet some of his cousins for the first time! AMAZING!! Also Thanksgiving. We are so thankful that despite his early appearance and heart condition Curtis is in great health. Just kind of shrimpy. HA! We get to move into a 2 bedroom apartment as well and stay in our wonderful ward.

We celebrate out first Christmas as a little family with our wonderful son who has NO IDEA what is going on. Curtis flunks being Baby Jesus at Grandma C.'s on Christmas Eve because he is tired and grumpy! Oh well. Now we're embarking on a new year and a new adventure as a little famiy!


**disclaimer** If you thought this post was all about me... You guessed right. Seeing as how I was pregnant for a majority of the year I thought it was fair. So there. PLUS. It is MY blog. And I can be self absorbed now and again if I feel like it. (do I sound like a 7 year old or WHAT!?! ha ha ha ha ha)


  1. Love it! You are hilarious. And what an amazing mom!

  2. Great cute!! I'm going to become a follower and put you on my blog! Happy New Year. Are you baby sitting for Kim tonight?

  3. We are not sure where to get a cover like that. My sister-in-law bought it at a second-hand store and it doesn't have a tag on it. It may even be homemade. I know there are similar ones called Bundle Me though.

  4. I just searched a few things on the internet and I found similar ones called CozyUp.

  5. ahh omg you are so awesome. Such a strong person and so funny! I love to read what you write I always just laugh out loud! & omg wrote you up for having to go to the bathroom allot? MMmkkk hullo your pregant!! whats wrong with them? haha man I'm sorry. By the way I hope you & Curtis get better soon !! I am truely sorry that I missed seeing you!

  6. Hey Girl! Im sooo Escited to get a message from you! Its the besst! word ever. SO you can use it as often as you want! haha. Welp, you may not KNOW me, but, i went to school with the one or .... 2 sisters. Im not sure. I went to westwood High and graduated in 2006 haha so your arent crazy!!! dont worry!! well maybe you are a little...i think im TOTALLY crazy. But i dont care so much haha! anyway! thats a great idea about valentines....i live in a ranching community..where everyone lives like 30 miles or more apart haha BUT that would be a great activity to do for a whole day thing! i get bored ALOT! haha. anyway! are you guys still in mesa? im so excited we're friends! and your little man, has to be the very cutest thing ive EVER SEEN!!!!!! yaaay! i loove babies!