Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's that time of year....

I LOVE the holiday season! At the Ellsworth family house we have a few traditions that Josh, Curtis and I are going to implement into our new family!

1. WASSAIL! Not only is this amazing beverage so good we have it once a week. Oh no. There is a SONG about it. For those of you who *unfortunately* don't know what you're missing out on Wassail AKA Spiced Cider is made with the following (hence it's wonderful effect on our taste buds):
A. Apple CIDER. NOT juice. Bleh. Apple CIDER.
B. Orange Juice Concentrate- 'nuff said
C. 1 can of water for said OJ
D. Pineapple Chunks/Tidbits/Rings.... basically whatever floats your boat. But after experimenting we have found that just Pineapple Juice is NOT THE SAME. Not by a long shot.
E. 3 Cinnamon Sticks.

I like to throw everything in the crock pot AFTER I've let it come to a rolling boil. It tastes the best after it's been cooking a few hours. Try it. You shall LOVE it. And me for sharing. And my mom for concocting such a delicious holiday treat.

2. Mesa, AZ Temple Lights. Check out this beautiful display of lights. There is a wonderful nativity on the grounds as well. GORGEOUS.

3. Christmas Music. I have been very involved in music my whole LIFE. And I love it. I love listening to Michael Buble sing ANY version of a Christmas song. Mainly because his voice gives me goosebumps due to it's amazing quality. Yup. He is my music man crush.

4. Christmas Movies. White Christmas. Hmmmmm. In my humble opinion quite possibly THE greatest Christmas musical EVER. Bing Crosby+Danny Kaye+Rosemary Clooney= An amazing team. Plus. I have decided that I want my own lodge like the General's. Try and tell me that that property is not amazing. I will WIN. Plus.... Seeing the beautiful Mrs. Clause' dresses kinda inspires me to want to learn how to make my own. Cuz I would totally ROCK your SOCKS off with my ability to pull off that dress even in the good ole AZ. Yep. No lie. Also.... This year we will be watching Elf. Josh has never seen it. Which is shameful. But come Christmas morning he will have watched it.

So...... what are YOUR Christmas Family Traditions?!


  1. I loved the 4th picture down. Very pretty. Also YUM the cider drink sounds so yummy!! I miss my Mesa temple lights too I can't wait to hit that up when I get down there! :)

  2. ~~*Michael Buble is AMAZING =) I feel the same. He can sing any song and it sounds GREAT! We see the Temple lights every year. We also drive around and look @ peoples lights on their houses. We get all bundled up, pile in the car and sip on Hot Chocolate. =) Yummy!! Now that I'm married, I am going to have to start some new Christmas traditions of my own! Happy Holidays to you and your family Berit <3*~~

  3. Cheatham family tradition (practiced inconsistently throughout the years) is to get up at an ungodly hour and watch the sunrise on Christmas morning, and then read Matthew 1-2/Luke 2