Saturday, November 28, 2009

Catch Up!

So as I promised in my last post I have pictures! YEAH! Curtis was blessed earlier this month and a couple of weeks ago I finally remembered to throw him in his blessing outfit for some pics. So here are the best ones that I took. Keep in mind I can NOT take a good picture to save my life. So don't judge the craptastic-ness of the pics but just see how cute my bubba is getting.

1. LOOK! He is *kinda* smiling!! YEAH!

2. He is looking at me like I am crazy. Which I am! I was trying to get a good picture. Duh Baby Bee!!

3. He looks kind of upset and his fist makes it look like if he had better coordination he would take a swing at me. Silly Baby!!

4. Now, as you can see he has singled me out as the bad guy. This looks says "MOM. That is ENOUGH."

That's all the pics I have for now. I am gonna have my lovely friend Angie take some waaaaaay better pics soon. So this is it for now!


  1. OMGoodness- he's precious!! Thanks for sharing pics!!

  2. What a handsome little man! And your pictures don't suck! You did just fine! hey so fun site you could go on its called picnik try it out you could spend hours!

  3. he's so adorable and the pics look great! plus its not about the quality, its all about who's in them! and he is one studd!! :)

  4. Excellent photos, cute subject matter, special mother. Looks like you have things under control.
    Berna LaMonda
    (Terran's Grandma)