Friday, August 7, 2009


Of course I know that by getting an IV in my hand I am also going to have a bruise to go along with it. HOWEVER... I got an IV in the top of my right hand. So imagine my *surprise* (sarcasm inserted) when I was in the shower and I went to wash myself up and discovered on the inside of my wrist what looked like the biggest dirt smudge EVER. So I being the wise person I am decide to scrub harder. Which didn't hurt until once I got out of said shower and was drying off and realized, much to my dismay, that it was a 1x3 inch bruise. Hmmmmmm? Super fun right? WRONG! Because approxiamtely 1 inch away from that bruise I have 3 more bruises. Now these I can explain. They were the original spot for my blood draw. So of course my poor veins being poked and prodded were bound to retaliate with what little dignity they had left. So now my hand/wrist looks like this:

These ones might be hard to see but there are 3 little bruises that start at the base of my thumb and go down about 1 inch apart from each other!

Now that I'm done complaining.... This whole bedrest thing has made me appreciate all the things that my hubby the Worker Bee does for me. 1. He goes to work every night and will call me on his breaks to make sure that I am ok by myself. 2. He is really good at keeping the kitchen clean. 3. He is very good at listening to me tell him what other parts of our place I would like cleaned. Also my family has been wonderful. My mom can't do much seeing as how she has shingles AGAIN and has been instructed to stay far far away from me. But she is nice enough to give me her old recliner (which I LOVE) and, let me stay with HER mom my Grandma C. who is so accomadating and so kind and fun to be around. I got to hang out with Grandma C. on Tuesday night while the Worker Bee went to his graveyard shift and Grandma and I watched Touched by an Angel (her favorite) and the Food Network (my favorite) and we ate fudge bars and it was GREAT! I also have an awesome ward family who has been so helpful and caring. Stu and Angie Milne who live in our comlex and are my visiting teaching companion and our ward's Elder Quorum Pres. have been bringing us dinner this week which I really appreciate! Especially because they are amazing cooks and the food is super yummy. Jim and Nelly Stock who are our neighbors have been nice enough to let me ransack their movie collection so I have something to do while the Worker Bee sleeps during the day. Nelly also lent me some books (thanks!) which have been saving my eyes when I can no longer stare at the TV. Other than that.... No more updates till later!!


  1. Poor Beary Bee!!! That bruise looks bad, but when the IV was on the other side of your hand...YOWSER! It makes the bruise ten times worse to think about.

    I'm glad you have some nice helpers and good movies to watch. Sorry I can't be there to help, but you are in my prayers. And I'll make your baby a soon as I know whether to make it pink or blue. ;)

    Love you tons!!!!! Hang in there. Just another couple of weeks and you'll be a Momma. :)

  2. Aww angie is in your ward? cool she is the sweetest girl & I bet they are fun to have around too! I hope your arm gets to feeling better! I'm sorry you have to be at home so much but It will some how all be worth it when you have a sweet little baby! :)