Saturday, August 8, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Just like the title of my post says I thought I would mention what a few of my favorite things are! These are some of my FAVORITE things during this crazy pregnancy (plus I felt bad about complaining and decided that I can be nice too!) and if and when you comment I want to know what YOURS are too!

1. Favorite Drink (besides water) :
you can buy this stuff at Wal-Mart and it is AWESOME!

2. Favorite Medicine:
This is what I take every 4 hours to ensure that I don't go BACK into labor before 36 weeks! It makes me and the Baby Bee very hyper!

3. Favorite acid-reflux/heartburn remedy:
Yummmmmm..... Note the Pepermint Flavor. It makes everything taste better!

4. Favorite Snack (look Mom! It's NOT candy!) :
Oh's! are the greatest cereal EVER. And I need something salty to balance them out so we add the sourdough pretzel bits! Tasty!

5. Favorite place to chill out (especially now that I'm on bed rest) :
My recliner is similar but NOT leather... duh we live in AZ folks.

6. Favorite things to do WHILE sitting in the recliner:
watch movies! and read!

Yes that is "That thing you Do" and if you TRY and say you don't like it we shall watch it together and I shall mock you mercilessly when you sing along!

That is all the favorites me brain could think of for now (blame the hormones!) but I shall extend this post at a later time!


  1. All I want when I am preg is Dairy. ESPECIALLY CHEESE!!
    and water. I drink so much water its insane. (But good for me!) lol hang in there!!

  2. hi
    you are one of my favorite things !!