Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Bee Roller

It seems like every 2-3 posts I do are about the hospital! This Babay just wants to get out it seems. So I thought I should update and give you all the inside scoop! So on Saturday around 3:30 I started having contractions, so the Worker Bee and I started timing them. We have learned that every time we go to the hospital they routinley give me a shot of Terbutaline and then send me home. So we decided to wait until I'd been having MORE contractions. Well 2 hours later we checked into the hospital. In 2 hours I had had 47 contractions so while I got checked out they discovered that I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Turns out we would NOT be leaving after all! I got a shot of Terbutaline (after all we have a routine to stick to *insert sarcastic tone here*) and an IV for some Magnesium Sulfate.

Since I am 34 weeks they also decided to give me some Penicillin to help protect the baby from infection in case they couldn't stop the contractions. So I spent Saturday and Sunday night in the hospital under very close watch to make sure that I did NOT go into early labor. On Monday, I got a visit from Dr. Mikel who checked me out and let me know that I was still dilated to a 2 and that my bag was bulging and ordered an UltraSound. We found out that Baby Bee is est. at 5lbs. 4oz. but no amnio was done to check on its lung development. I was ordered to stay one more night so they could ween me off of the Magnesium. On Tuesday Dr. Mikel checked me out again and gave me some specific instructions before he would discharged me. So for the next 11 days (until I'm 36 weeks) I am on strict bed rest. After that, Dr. Mikel said I can do whatever I want and if I go into labor again then he would let me deliver the baby. I got discharged at about 12:30 and have to take oral Terbutaline every 4 hours or else I am in trouble! haha. So that is our most recent update! We are all healthy and great some of us just feel like joining the family sooner than the rest of us want!


  1. wow! your little and my kinzey are going to be best of friends! she came 5 wks early and 5 1/2 lbs. thank goodness for saladmaster giving us all of those extra nutrients, huh? good luck with the bed rest, atleast you don't have another around already. bed rest would have been ridiculous for my last pregnancy!

  2. You really can't be too surprised that Baby Bee is itching to join the family. We are a rather fun bunch! ;)

  3. Wow your baby really does just want out! I'm so glad that has not been happening to me,(knock on wood) but if it does I'll know some things to expect! You are so brave!