Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Roller

So... again I have been slacking at this blogging stuff. Oops. However it was not entirely my fault. I had a doctor's appointment and they mentioned some things in that medical way that doctors do and it scared me a LOT. So much that I called my wonderful momma and started bawling but, her being the amazing person she is shared her own personal experiences with me and it made me feel much better. And then I also got to talk to my sister the MomBabe who let me know that sometimes when doctors say things it's more of a pre-caution so they don't get sued. So to both of you THANKS! I got all my crying out and feel much better and just blessed that we have a baby on the way. So I figured with that I would post some pics of said child.... However if anyone reading is expecting its gender to be revealed you will be sorely disappointed as that fact is a surprise to us all! HA! The top one is a profile pic of Baby Bee, who appears to be punching me. The next is Baby Bee scolding us with its pointer finger. BB is saying "I caught you looking at me".... Little does Baby Bee know that we monitor it all the time. Just not with such advanced technology. I will post more later when my brain is fully awake. Goodbye till then! p.s. thanks again MomBabe for making my blog very cute XOXOXOXOXO


  1. Awww those are really cool! I can't wait until my next ultra sound!