Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday/Easter Recap!

So I figured that since both of these events happened last week I should stop slacking and post about them already! Last Friday was my 24th birthday! My little sisters, Mermaid, Lamb-y Pie Lady and I decided to go to some garage and yard sales to look for some cheap furniture! Well I woke up to it drizzling RAIN. Now for some people this might have put a damper *ha ha* on their day but here in AZ we looooooove the rain! So instead we decided to go birthday shopping at IKEA. I got 2 nightstands which I was so excited about but then Worker Bee got a little confused as to why I bought myself a gift that wasn't already assembled to which I responded that HIS present to me would be putting them together! The sisters and I also went to buy me some maternity clothes which by now are greatly appreciated by my ever-growing belly. There are no pictures of said clothes because when I put them on I look.... well pregnant. And since I am new at this whole getting bigger thing, it makes me feel a little chunky. So next post there will be some pics! That evening Worker Bee and Queen Bee got all dolled up and after dinner, met up with my mom to see the Easter Pageant. We are very blessed to have my dad and 2 little sisters in the pageant again, and it was the Worker Bee's very first time seeing it.
The Sunday following was Easter and as I have previously said it is my favorite holiday! Easter is such a wonderful holiday because we get to celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and all of the wonderful blessings that are in store for us! I got to teach my primary kids this lesson and remind them all that the bunnies, chickens and Easter Eggs are all symbols of new birth! After church the Bee family got to go to my mom's for Easter Sunday Dinner which was fabulous, thanks again mom!! I know that Easter is about rebirth but I would like to let all my friends and family that I love being reminded at holidays how blessed I am to have you all!

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