Tuesday, February 28, 2012

90 days

90 days = roughly 3 months

The past 90 days for US have been *quite* eventful. How so? Here's a small recap:

12/06/2011- Bee breaks her FIRST bone in her whole life. Gosh.
12/24/2011-01/01/2012- Christmas, New Year's. 'Nuff said.
01/10/2012- Clay Baby's 1st birthday.
02/06/2012- Bee gets diagnosed with CHICKENPOX. Stupid immune system.
02/28/2012- Bee pinches a nerve AND pulls a muscle in her neck. Stupid body.
03/02/2012- Joshua gets to have surgery for his foot. Stupid bunion.

Seriously though. Do you see what our last 3 months have been like?! NOT GOOD. Therefore I am going to just assume that the rest of my year will be relatively slow and lacking in the sick and surgery department. *****cross my fingers*****

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