Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy is unable to be with us for a couple more days. And I thought it would be fun to have a belated bash in honor of the 2 most recent birthday boys. Look how cute they are together:

Today hubby turns 25 years old so here are 25 random things about him:
1. A while before we met, hubby tore some ligaments in his knee doing.... SUMO WRESTLING. In one of those fat suit things. Yep. Crazy guy.
2. Hubby is a die-hard FSU fan. This can be attributed to the fact that his mom likes the Florida Gators and we all know that as a teenager you can NOT have the same likes as your mom hence the rival began.
3. When we met (at a speed-dating FHE activity nonetheless) he was wearing a NECKLACE. A pookah shell necklace. And I *still* gave him my phone number. My real one. Don't worry, after it was clear things might be going somewhere serious, the necklace went into early retirement.
4. He blushed more than I did when he proposed. Mainly because he sang me a song AT THE BEACH, and he had an audience of 4 teenage girls laying out on towels directly behind us. Heaven forbid it be made public knowledge that he's kinda romantic.
5. Speaking of romantic... Our first Valentine's Day together he got my sister Meredith and our friend Michaela to get me out of the apartment so he could "decorate". This involved lots of red and pink things and CANDY. Needless to say I forgave him of the offense of putting red/pink things around our place because he picked my fave candies- Sour Patch Kids. Yum.
6. He rode his longboard 4 miles to work every day at 3 a.m. so I could take the car to work. I worked graveyard shifts and would pick him up on my way home. This tidbit is EXTRA special because he did this with his hurt knee.
7. He used to be a "runt" so to speak. In high school he didn't really have a growth spurt until the summer between his junior and senior years. Good thing he filled out on his mission. I don't like scrawny. Ha ha ha.
8. He blames ME for his gaining 35 lbs during our first year of marriage. I can't help it that I can cook and he knows how to eat.
9. When he took me around to meet his family he was MOST worried about getting the approval of one lady... His grandma. He told me he could handle it if his mom didn't like me but, if his grandma Rita didn't he was going to have to thoroughly consider things. Silly boy. She LOVES me.
10. Hubby has a GREAT smile. Many thanks go to his mom for paying for all that dentistry and orthodontia work. It was money well spent.
11. Hubby has a weak stomach. Sorry to spill the beans honey but it's true. When I was pregnant with Curtis and had "morning sickness" for 6 months, if he heard me get up in the night he would stay as far away from me as possible. Poor guy. Thankfully after 2 years of babies he's getting better at handling such things.
12. He has a sensitivity to medicines. Not just prescription strength ones either. Over the counter things. We found this out when we realized that I have some kind of immunity to such things... example: it takes 4 unisom sleep tablets to even make me YAWN let alone drowsy while it takes him HALF of one melatonin. This is hilarious to me.
13. He is a hard core nerd on the inside. He will call/text/email me if he finds some new gadget/toy he sees that he likes and wants us to take a field trip to check it out. It's cute.
14. He is NOT a very good cook. While this is sad ,but true, it must be explained. Hubby was VERY proud of the fact that he is of Italian descent. To prove this he offered to make spaghetti sauce one night for my family. His recipe consisted mainly of canned tomato sauces and pastes. There were NO vegetables in it and very little spices. We all ate it but he will never live this down. Never.
15. Hubby is very appreciative. Of everything. He gets very happy when I make him lunches. Hooray that I get to do that again in a couple of days!!
16. Hubby is very patient. He has been away from us for almost 11 months and during that time has spent a total of 21 days with us since he left. He is VERY excited to be reunited with his family. So are we!!
17. His favorite colors are blue, green and brown.
18. One of his ALL-TIME favorite meals is.... the Cafe Rio pulled pork that my mom makes.
19. He loves his baby boys soooooo much. He loves to talk to them on the phone. Which boils down to, me holding the phone while it's on speaker and not letting them lick it while they babble to their dad. It's so stinkin cute.
20. He is a silly goose. On our dates around DownTown Disney he would always request to stop by the Lego store. I would always request to stop by Earl of Sandwich. My choice was definitely better. Duh.
21. He is very enthusiastic. Especially when it comes to our Curtis and his therapies and meeting milestones.
22. He loves Jamba Juice and was quite pleased to discover that AZ has several locations. He served his mission in California so he was introduced to the amazing-ness that is Jamba.
23. He is very generous. Last Christmas he let me get a super fancy, totally awesome double stroller.
24. He is my very best friend.
25. He is the guy I'm lucky enough to spend the next several eternities with and I can't wait!!
I love you Joshua and can't wait to be together again!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  1. Um...your mom has a Cafe Rio pulled pork recipe? Share!

    You guys are the cutest together! I'm so excited for you that he's coming home!