Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conjunctivits....AKA Pink Eye

Yesterday on Worker Bee's day off we noticed that the CT had some eye boogies. We didn't think TOO much of it because our pediatrician had let us know that infants have to get used to their tear ducts. WELL! Today after CT was fed and changed and the Queen Bee was about to have a shower, the Worker Bee showed me CT's eye while it was open and here's what we saw:

This is with his eye closed. It looks like MomBabe's eye when she got African Sumac in it (but my memory is fuzzy. MomBabe's was probably way WAY worse!) :

So sad.... we know!! Then I called the dr. and lo and behold it is PINK EYE! CT is not even 2 weeks old yet.... Poor little guy. Thankfully we got some eye drops and everything should clear up within 4-5 days! Just in time for our appointment with the cardiologist! Hooray!


  1. so sad.. he is such a sweetie though :) can i tell you that i had a nightmare about pinkeye last night?? i completey LOATHE pink eye, i had it for prom my senior year and many times before that. gah hate it! okay i'm texting you right NOW.

  2. Poor little man! Thats no fun! He is one brave & tough little guy! and lets not forget adoreable!
    Hey Thanks for all the comments It is always nice to hear from you! Yes joel and I are likeing washington allot ( and staying out of the heat for the most part) but its been a real challange though (Its def not Arizona!) One I'm sure I'll look back on in twenty years and be glad I was up for a learning experience but prob not want to do agian. lol.
    Yes we hope that little Adelynn will be ok and the preclampsia does not get so bad that she can't stay in my tummy for the rest of atlest september! Yes I would love to email with you anytime my email is If you ever want to talk. :)