Monday, August 31, 2009

The results are in.....

As you might notice in the title on this post the test results are IN! We now know for sure 100% that our baby CTR does have Down's Syndrome. We don't know all the details yet and will be finding out more from our pediatrician at our next appointment. We are just very happy that the wait is over! Now the next biggest step is going to the cardiologist to find out more about the 2 holes in his heart. I personally think that they must be doing better because CT is eating more and is awake alot more now. But I don't have a nice little machine at home to confirm all of this so yeah! Thank you so much to everyone for all the prayers. We know that they have really helped us out so much! In other family news.... the Worker Bee got switched to a new "job site"!! He works by himself now out in Scottsdale and basically just has to make sure that the construction workers are signing in and out of the job site like they should. Worker Bee gets a raise for doing this and hopefully only has to do it until October, which is when 2 new bank branches will be opening up and he can get transferred to one of those and have a NORMAL SCHEDULE!! Monday- Friday from 7-4! He just has to tough it out until then! Hooray! His working nights is difficult but is very helpful when he comes home and can help with the baby CT.

Back to the baby! (he is new! OF COURSE we are gonna talk all about him!) We have all had quite a fun/interesting time getting adjusted to one another. CT is quite a calm baby.... He does like to let us know that he needs some attention in a funny way. He likes to softly whimper just long enough for us to check on him. Then when we peek in the bassinet to see what's going on he is back asleep! I have concluded that he likes us to know he needs us but that he is too tired to make much of an effort! He has also started sleeping in the most AWESOME positions ever.... Here's my proof:

This first one is CT in the bassinet with his head back as far as it will go. This position really made the Worker Bee scared and he had to check to make sure CT hadn't snapped his neck to get it that way!

The next one is CT dancing and smiling because I changed his diaper. He hates the diaper changing process but LOVES the end result so much that he poses like this:

This is how CT likes to stretch out... First he gets ALL scrunched up and then *poof* he is stretched out to the MAX:

And those are all the tricks CT has learned so far! More updates to come!


  1. Hi Rollers!
    Your blog is way cute and baby CTR is even cuter! It was nice visiting with you guys last night and meeting the little guy. We will keep in touch!

  2. seriously, i cannot wait to meet him and visit with you guys! he is such a stud! does he smile yet? my heart always melts when they do!

  3. Kay..I am seriously in love with the kids hair...I love it..he is such a doll.. I hope your getting some right..

    you have got a sweetie on your hands for sure Berit..

    Big Hugs to you and your little family...

  4. I LOVE the new pics!!! We can not wait to see baby CTR!!! XOXOXO We'll call/text when we are back in the desert...

  5. He is so cute! I love the things newborns to that they find so comfortable. Laura would play peek-a-boo while she was asleep.

  6. aw what a cutie! k i'm calling you and hopefully we can take some pictures this afternoon! he's precious :)