Sunday, July 26, 2009

Growing Up

As many of you know the Worker Bee and I act like little kids. Which until recently was not too big of a deal. But we decided that since we have a baby on the way we should *PROBABLY* (sarcasm) buy some baby stuff so the people at the hospital don't think we are psychotic. So.... we bought a car seat for the Baby Bee!! Since we don't know what we are having it was kind of tricky to find something we BOTH liked that didn't look too girly or boyish. So we settled on something very similar to this:

It is a neutral green and has lots of animals and we thought it was a good choice for either sex. In other recent news.... The Worker Bee had some visitors he was very excited about. A family that he knew on his mission was in town visiting one of their family members and we were lucky enough that we got to meet up with them and go to dinner! It was so fun and Worker Bee and the fam got to catch up with stories about his mission AKA his "glory days"!! Ha ha!

In another recent story.... the Queen Bee got to take the Worker Bee to the river yesterday for his FIRST TIME! He didn't quite know what to expect and the water was lots colder than anything else he's been swimming in recently. We were pretty popular too due to the huge bulge that is my baby bump. People there were either shocked or impressed that we were braving the water. It was definitely a good workout and Baby Bee was pretty chill which we took to mean that it liked the cold water.

And to re-cap some birthdays for friends and family have come up so I would like to say Happy Birthday to Mary who turned 24 today and has been my best friend since the age of 5ish. Happy Birthday to Maria my sister-in-law whom I am very jealous of because she gets to live in beautiful Utah where it is NOT 100+ degrees every day. And Happy Birthday to Cathy, Worker Bee's mom! She is going to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for her birthday so I am a little jealous of that but, NOT of the humidity!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  1. Which river did you got too???

  2. How fun! I wish joel and I could go camping or to the river but we are moving into our house in a couple of weeks and we need all the mula we can get. Kind of a bummer to be on a budget lol & we just brought our stroller carseat combo the other day It make's me just that much more excited! And I think its awesome that you are waiting to see the gender, but I can't do it!! I hate secrets I have to know If I have an opportunity :)

  3. Uhhh. . . Can i see some picture of your belly!? That sounds weird! ha! I'M HER SISTER!!!!!!

  4. dude! i need blogging lessons! lol!