Thursday, March 26, 2015

Catch up!

Oh man! I was doing so great at posting. Anyway, here are some pictures of what we have been up to!! This past weekend was 3/21/15. March 21st is World Down syndrome Day. So we did a recap of Curtis throughout the last 5+ years he's blessed us with being in our family. 

I am truly blessed to have such amazing little boys in my life. And even more blessed that they get to be big brothers to THIS little peanut. 

Ren has been going to the doctor every other week for weight checks. She is so dang tiny. But we are proud to say that she is now a TEENAGER. In pounds that is. This sweet babe now weighs 13.11 lbs. and we are so proud. She is still on the short side for the growth charts but our doctor is very pleased with her weight gains. Curtis was also seen recently for his post op. His ears look wonderful and his throat is completely healed. He doesn't snore anymore and we are thrilled. 

Ren also found her toes and loves to hold onto them. She is such a sweet baby. And her new favorite activities are rolling all over, holding onto her polished little piggies, laughing at her dad and brothers and keeping a smile on all of our faces. 

Clayton is doing so WELL at school and in therapy. His speech has improved so drastically over the last several months and he tells us new words every day. He loves to spell his name and will do so anytime we ask him.