Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Oh my goodness. Guys. It is already March. How insane is that? Also, how insane is Texas?!?! Our weather has been exceptionally spectacular, going from one extreme to the next. In the last 2 weeks we have gone from gorgeous spring-like weather to snow, sleet, freezi rain and wind gusts like crazy. Since we are stuck in our house i have had to resort to some "creative" ways to entertain ourselves. 

We don't have a microwave at our house which is normally alright but we love to indulge in popcorn so we found a recipe and started making our own!! 

Our favorites so far are cinnamon sugar, the top smaller bowl. And spicy Cholula chili powder. It's so wonderful and the kids love watching the kernels POP!! Well, the boys do. Ren thinks we are trying to kill her. Poor babe. Speaking of Ren, she had her 4 month check up and a few days ago we rechecked her weight and she got a booster shot. She has been snugly, cuddly, feverish and all around miserable. 

Her new favorite seat in the house is her daddy's lap. Joshua loves all of the extra cuddles and Ren loves her vantage point and being able to see everyone while lounging around. 

With the weather being so crazy we had to break out some winter pajamas, crank up the heat and have a fashion show. 

Clayton was initially upset that we were laughing at him in his cutie pj's. Then he warmed up to the idea...

Curtis loved that we were all having a good time laughing. Silly goose. 

All 3 kids in their footie pajamas together. 

Ren has completely captured ALL of our hearts and the love I see that her brothers have for her fills me with such joy. 


They are fascinated with her. These pictures sum up their feelings quite well. They are so interested in everything Ren does and celebrate every milestone with enthusiasm. 

P.s. It snowed and iced so bad on Monday that I fell down all 5 porch stairs and landed on my back/bottom. The best part is my bruise which, for privacy and TMI purposes will not be shared here. And I am so grateful that I chose to walk the stairs by myself. Normally I hold the boys' hands or Ren in her car seat. Hooray that I'm the only one hurt. Both my pride and my body. 

P.p.s. Texas is EXTRA stupid because no stores sell salt for ice. *grumble grumble grumble* 

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  1. the children all look so cute in their longjohns !!! we have had some very cold days here in sunny arizona also, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! love to all, mce