Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I. Am. Pathetic.

And homesick. A lot. Don't get me wrong, we are having a BLAST being here. Especially this cooler weather thing. It's pretty much AMAZING. However, we have 4 neighbors who have live in the AZ at some point in their lives and every time I talk to one of these people I get this pang for AZ and everything that goes with it. I miss my parents and the fact that my kids got to see them EVERY day. I miss hearing their stories about their days. It made me laugh a lot. Here are the other things I truly miss and am almost *suffering without! Don't laugh.

1. My family. That's a given!

2. Our old therapists. Seriously. They were awesome. And we haven't gotten new ones yet so it's like they have this gold standard set. Good job guys.

3. Mexican food. MADE BY MEXICANS. This is such a compliment to all of the wonderful restaurants I was privileged to eat at over the years. Especially those tamales my mom introduced me to. My mouth is watering RIGHT NOW. Green corn tamale, I need you.

4. Ra, the restaurant. I miss them and their wonderful menu. A lot. My 2 younger sisters will understand this. Most of you will think it's gross. Ha ha ha.

5. Mr. Parker Bradshaw. He was my baby buddy the last year at church. He is VERY good with children especially MY kiddos. He would help out in any way he could. And of course his lovely sister Emma. She used to cuddle up with Curtis as much as he would let her. We miss you guys TONS.

6. MILK. I feel like Napoleon Dynamite saying that but I mean it. The milk here does NOT taste the same. My sister Sarah said it's because they have different dairy farms and the cows eat food from different places.

That's pretty much it. But now I feel that in order to be fair I need to counter with some wonderful things about Colorado.

1. My awesome neighbors. I love that they have become such good friends and have been so accepting.

2. The view. I look outside each morning when we go on our walks and let me tell ya, those Rocky Mountains are gorgeous.

3. The weather. It has been in the 70's all week during the day and at night it gets into the mid-low 40's. It is seriously incredible. We wear shorts and t-shirts and play outside as much as we can.

4. Since we live on base there are a TON of things to do close by and they are either FREE or offer military discounts. WOOHOO!

WELL, that sums up my whiny PRE-Easter post. I will be back with lots of pictures.


  1. I love parker bradshaw!!! I've got some good stories about him from when I taught in primary. probably the sweetest kid I've ever met!

  2. I know it is hard to be away from family, but the friends that you make while in the service (and yes you are too,because the spouses do as much as the service members do)are usually friends for life and will be there when you need them. I love you guys and miss you bunches. How about skypeing this weekend with me.