Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fat and Happy = my boys

So we irrigated the other morning and Curtis who, normally must be convinced to go on the grass plopped RIGHT ON DOWN when he saw the gushing water. This kid had a grin on his face the entire time. And by the time I dragged him inside he was a *wee* bit stinky! But still cute so it's all good.

And Baby Clay here got to get all dressed up and have his picture taken. Babies in white = adorable. I LOVE the fat rolls on his thighs. They are pretty dang awesome. Love these boys so much and I love that they know they are brothers and friends. They are inseparable (Clay doesn't really have a choice in that though) and Curtis always likes to know where his baby is. It's so funny. They love being in the stroller together and are always engaged in some form of staring contest. They interact so well together and soon Clay is going to give Curtis a run for his money! I can't wait!!


  1. You do have the cutest kids on the planet!! I love to see Curtis with a SMILE on his face!!

  2. They're so cute! I always love it when siblings are friends :)

  3. cute boys! love curtis in the water.
    Jaime S.