Saturday, November 6, 2010

shenanigans.... and other happenings

First off.... I LOVE the word shenanigan. It is fun to say, type, read and imagine about. Yep. Anyhow. A miracle happened that I felt I needed to share....

I can't see. Not very well anyway. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade or so and became so visually impaired that I STILL. TO. THIS. DAY have premanent indentations in the cartilage of my nose from wearing such heavy "coke-bottle" glasses for years. This was before those lovely lightweight lenses were readily available. Yeah. So I was finally old enough and my vision stabilized enough that my eye doctor felt comfortable letting me wear contact lens starting at age 15. Best birthday present EVER. Those of you who have ever worn glasses/lenses totally know what I am talking about. At this time in my life I can see CLEARLY for about 6 inches in front of my face with no aids. 6 inches. My prescription is -7.75 and a couple of years ago when I was brave enough to ask, to be considered legally blind you need to be -8.50. That means I am 3/4 of a point away (they measure your vision in quarters) from being legally blind. When the BabyBee came along and we found out that he for sure had Down syndrome, the WorkerBee and I talked about how desperately we hoped he had good vision or at least better vision than I do. And on Friday the BabyBee and I (along with my dad) got to go to the eye doctor to get his cute blue eyes checked out. The doctor dilated his pupils and explained that for children they use a different drop so they can check to see if the child is near/far sighted and to check the muscles and how well they are working in the eyes. The entire time we waited all I could think about was how much I prayed and wanted and hoped my BabyBee's eyes wouldn't need glasses just yet and it turns out......

He has PERFECT vision! If I didn't love him so much I'd probably be really jealous. Well. I am a little jealous but mostly just super happy that his eyes are doing so well! This week we also got to schedule that BabyBee for his tube surgery so that should be interesting. He is very against people looking into his ears. When we talked to the ear doctor he wasn't surprised that BabyBee STILL had fluid in his ears from his ear infections 2 weeks ago. Poor litte man. Then when he tried to LOOK into his ears BabyBee let out a ferocious growl. And then just beamed at the guy after he was done. It was pretty entertaining. So that is pretty much our happenings at the moment.

WorkerBee was able to call a couple of times from the reception battalion earlier this week but let me know that Friday would be his first real day of basic training. He sounded nervous but excited all at the same time. I am just waiting for a letter with his address so I can start writing to him.

As for ME, just hanging in there waiting to do my lovely glucose blood draw. I don't honestly know why everyone complains about the drink. They are really not THAT bad in my opinion but maybe my tastebuds are insane. Probably. Ha ha! So that's what we are up to in a nutshell. In case you didn't catch it I will re-cap:

BabyBee- perfect vision, terrible ears, hates doctors but is stinking cute.
WorkerBee- at Basic Training for the U.S. army and no other updates available at the moment
QueenBee- pregnant and loving the curly hair that comes with my hormone changes!

What are you guys up to?!?!


  1. 1) So very happy for the BabyBee and his perfect vision! Wee!! We just took D to the opthamologist this last week and got the same results, so we were super happy about that!

    2) The 1-hour glucose drink at my hospital is "tolerable"... as in, I wouldn't drink it on a daily basis by any means, but I could slug it down without feeling too bad. But the 3 hour drink? It's ALLLLLLLL I can do not to puke it up. My only motivation is that they'll MAKE ME TAKE IT AGAIN if I do. :'(

    3) Question: If your little guy is the BabyBee... what shall the new baby be called?

    4) Congrats, by the way. You're awesome at keeping secrets!

  2. Well, you know, same old same old. Getting pregnant, cleaning the house, getting ready for the holidays - the usual. Love the update! SO happy for good vision. Clark starts going to the optometrist at age 2, unless we see a problem before then. My thoughts are with you and the hubby, and the babies as you are separated.

  3. So happy to hear that Baby Bee's vision is Good! Sorry that your's still isn't. Hubby suggests you get surgery like him. *shiver*

    I liked the Glucose drink too. I was always thirsty and when I got that drink I just slurped it down. YUM!

  4. Love this post....and I had no idea Papa Bee was already gone. We'll have to have you and the Baby Bee how he's growing!!! Love that little guy!!

  5. I LOVED the glucose test. It was super sweet, but I rather enjoyed the flavor. And, i enjoyed the crazy jumping around in my belly that Taylor was doing (she REALLY likes sugar)